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Citizen Khan – More Proof That Muslims Cannot Tolerate Comedy

This is part two of my original article: Comedy aimed at Islam – No Laughing Matter. Last night in the UK, a comedy sitcom called Citizen Khan, was aired and was watched by over 3.6 Million viewers. It featured the … Continue reading

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Morocco Sentences Man to 3 Months in Jail for Eating in Public During Ramadan

To view the other shocking Islamic actions related to Ramadan read our section titled: Ramadan Antics. Original News Source A young Moroccan protester has been handed a three-month jail sentence for eating in public during the Muslim fasting month of … Continue reading

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Germany: Muslim Breaks Wife’s Fingers Because She Wanted to Feed Children During Ramadan

I just came across this German news article. A Muslim man in Germany broke both of his wife’s fingers simply because she wanted to feed her children during Ramadan. I do wonder how the couple coped with starving children all day, as … Continue reading

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Video: Islamization of Moscow – Half a Million Muslims in Illegal Mass Street Prayer

A video uploaded on Youtube appears to show around half a Million Muslims taking part in an illegal mass street prayer in Moscow to celebrate Eid. Regions of Russia have recently been struck by Islamist violence. Demographics have proved that … Continue reading

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Islamic Violence Epidemic Continues in The No-Go Zones of Holland

The Dutch have suffered their fair share of the brutal consequences of mass Islamic immigration into the Netherlands, The country were many of the native public figures who were brave enough too criticize Islam have either been, in the case … Continue reading

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A Laughable Muslim Attempt To Convert Me To Islam

I usually receive a number of messages on Facebook from Muslims trying to convince or threaten me too stop exposing their religion and it’s followers before I “burn in the hell fire” or just the ordinary Islamic threats – My favourite was … Continue reading

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Premier League Offers Alternative to Victory Champagne to Avoid Offending Muslim Players

Non-Muslim traditions are crushed under the demand for yet more Islamic traditions in the UK. As the UK Premier League football offers an alternative to victory champagne in order to avoid offending the ever so sensitive Muslim Players. It seems … Continue reading

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