A Laughable Muslim Attempt To Convert Me To Islam

I usually receive a number of messages on Facebook from Muslims trying to convince or threaten me too stop exposing their religion and it’s followers before I “burn in the hell fire” or just the ordinary Islamic threats – My favourite was a member of the Muslim Bloc in the UK threatening to cut my head off and parade it on the next al-Quds rally London, but this message was a little different.

This message (Screenshot at the bottom of the article) was from a Muslim man, named Muhammed Islam (Cliché I now) who swiftly blocked me after sending the message. It made me laugh so I thought I would share it with you.

He began by offering for me to attend Friday prayers at his local Mosque if I was seeking a comfortable life, and apparently this weeks special offer for Islamic converts is a free work horse … sorry, Muslim wife with benefits!

He then describes how comfortable life is for a Muslim, after coming home from a long day (presumably the walk to the benefit office and collecting his welfare cheque/dole money) and demanding your Muslim wife goes into the kitchen and cooks you a delicious meal.

He then explains how hen pecked Western men must cook their own meals, whereas a Muslim wife can do all that for you as well as wash the dishes, make coffee and bake you a cake.

Now, I like the sound of a comfortable life, but unfortunately for Muhammed Islam, I also like the women in my life to be able to speak their mind, think freely and not lead a miserable existence dressed like a walking post box.

So thanks for the offer Muhammed, but no deal..

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7 Responses to A Laughable Muslim Attempt To Convert Me To Islam

  1. juniper says:

    Personally, the choice between becoming a muzrat and having to give up pork is a no-brainer…

  2. secularslut says:

    Yeah, Islam is a great religion especially if you want your brain cells to shut down. lol

  3. angie says:

    my god says to love everyone, even if they dont believe, allah says to kill them. why does allah want me to go to jail?

  4. john hurren says:

    Give me a free woman without the letterbox dress anytime.

  5. john hurren says:

    My wife and I share the chores. I couldn’t be happier and comfortable. I know she loves me and is not afraid of me.

  6. Jensen says:

    a dog has more dignity than a muzlim woman. muzlims woman are mostly subject to slavery and have not rights at all with a muzlim man or in a muzlim country. if she is the 1st child, 99.9% she is going to be killed.

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