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Video: Muslim Horde Assails Anti-Islam Centre in Munich

H/T: Islam Versus Europe These Muslims came straight from a pro-Palestinian demo to assail an event being to protest against the construction of an Islam centre in Munich. You can see them waving Turkish flags and spitting on the event … Continue reading

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Islamist Militants Slaughter 3 Young Children in Front of Their Mother

An example of Islamic cruelty of the highest order, as three children are slaughtered in front of their mother by Islamist militants. The killers are believed to belong to the violent Jihadist movement known as Boko Haram. View our articles … Continue reading

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Munich: Leftists Apprehended After Attacking Anti-Islam Party’s Information Stand

Hat Tip: Islam Versus Europe Today we bring a video that shows Leftist, Antifa cowards using their typical, Fascist behavior . in the form of hit and run attacks on a party that holds anti-Islam views. Luckily, the members of the anti-Islam … Continue reading

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Swedish Democrat: ‘Islam is like Nazism’

Note to our American readers, Democrats in Sweden and other European countries are nothing like those of the Democrats in the US. The Sweden Democrats’ new justice policy spokesman, Richard Jomshof, has already made headlines for his comparison of Islamism to … Continue reading

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British Muslims Call Malala Yousafzai “Western Propaganda”, “US Agent” and “Little Cow”

Recently, British Muslims have called for the death sentence of Malala Yousafzai. Yesterday, we posted an article on how the UK based Muslim Defence League approved of a video showing a Muslim man carrying out anti-Israel indoctrination of an infant … Continue reading

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