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Another J Street shocker: J Street U members don terror t-shirt

Originally posted on The Mike Report:
The Tower Magazine is reporting that two members of J Street U’s Washington University chapter donned T-shirts celebrating convicted PFLP terrorist Leila Khaled at a J Street U sponsored campus event last year. On August…

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Putin’s Version of a Nazi Propaganda Picture

It is no secret that Vladimir Putin’s regime shares many qualities to that of the Nazi regime: He is known to jail those who speak out against him in barbaric conditions, carry out ethnic cleansing campaigns of the populations in … Continue reading

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Muslims in Holland Stage Mock Execution of Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders, an anti-Islam politician in the Netherlands who lives under constant threat of assassination from Muslims, is a prime example of the threat of Islamic Fascism in Europe today. The image below is from a rap video by a Muslim immigrant to … Continue reading

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British Council Demonstrate Capitulation to Islam in Pakistani Flag Raising

  In the majority of European countries, to raise a foreign flag over a government building is considered an act of foreign dominance/aggression and a symbol of capitulation or surrender to another country. In Rochdale, England: the town plagued by … Continue reading

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Video: Rare Islamic Humor (Involves a Severed Head)

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Dutch Jihadi Welfare Recipient Poses With 5 Severed Heads

Thanks to the great Blog: Tundra Tabloids for this post. Brutal photo available at the bottom of the post. Abdurahman, apparently a Dutch jihadi from Almere, can be seen on You Tube with a bloody knife behind five cut-off heads. … Continue reading

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Video: ‘Non-muslims are Criminals’, says London-based hate preacher Hani Al-Siba’i

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Buddhist Teacher Shot and Set on Fire by Islamic Insurgents

A female Buddhist teacher has been repeatedly shot in the head, doused in gasoline and burnt, the latest causality in the growing list of 5000+ murdered Buddhists in the Islamic insurgency in the southern provinces of Thailand. Our related articles … Continue reading

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Sweden: Parliament official orders bare-breasted painting removed…for Muslims

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Mainstream French Rapper Praises Anti-Semitic Child Killer

“We’ll shoot anyone for a cause, Mohammed Merah! Bang bang in your head, we’ll blow you away, we’re angry like Merah!” The sickening anti-Semitic material of mainstream French rapper Elie Yaffa AKA ‘Booba’. Although it is common for Muslims in … Continue reading

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