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Welcome to Infidel TV

The following is a list of links to what I class as excellent quality and useful Counter Jihad material.

Included are various Counter-Jihad speeches, Compilations and Enlightenment videos of what is happening in the world today regarding Islam world wide and the Islamization of Western countries.

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If you wish to contact me regarding a link in this list or would like to have us link your own relevant material, drop us at email at:

Please note, some videos may have been removed from the host site (Youtube) since we linked them, this is beyond our control and we will try and find an updated link as soon as we can.

The Body Of Truth

4 Responses to Infidel TV

  1. Thomas says:

    Will take my time to watch these now , thanks !

  2. Jennifer says:


  3. Wotan Niemand says:

    Freedom is always the freedom of those who think otherwise. (Mr. Heinrich Heine from Germany) This is what Islam does not understand. Islam demands and insists on all freedoms, but does not grant any. Not even the questioning of it`s perverted ideologie.
    We will not watch idle to see Germany`s transition into “Germanistan” !!

  4. Windy says:

    Your 3rd to last video has been labeled private and on YouTube it says it is no longer available.

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