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Islamist Militants Slaughter 3 Young Children in Front of Their Mother

An example of Islamic cruelty of the highest order, as three children are slaughtered in front of their mother by Islamist militants. The killers are believed to belong to the violent Jihadist movement known as Boko Haram. View our articles … Continue reading

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Muslim Jihadist Volunteers From Britain Feature in Gory Al-Shabaab Video’s

British Muslims are integrating really well.. in Somalia, not Britain, as they feature in gory al-Shabaab video’s featuring suicide bombers, the corpses of African peace keepers and other bloodthirsty al-Shabaab operations and tactics. Recently, British Muslims have been reported flocking to … Continue reading

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‘Moderate’ Tunisian President Revealed as Being not so Moderate

A leaked video has shown ruling Tunisian president Sheikh Rachid Ghannouchi, described as ‘Moderate’ by many, talking about spreading ‘Islamic Consciousness’ and condemning secular control of Tunisian media, economy and police. Original News Source TUNIS, OCTOBER 11 – Leaked video … Continue reading

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Non-Muslim Pulled Off Flight to Mecca

Today we see another example of Muslim apartheid, as a non-Muslim, Nigerian man attempted to board a Hajj flight to Mecca, stating that he did not believe in discrimination, whether you are Christian or Muslim. Unfortunately, this did not cut … Continue reading

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The Unjustified Hatred of America

The Body of Truth is proud too add another too its team, his name is Collen. Based in Africa, He is opposed to Jihad and Islam and is currently educating Africans on the evils of Islam, he is already a vocal figure against … Continue reading

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Islamists Exterminate Family, Including Children and The Disabled

The latest blood orgy from the Religion of Pieces: An Islamic execution squad have slaughtered a member of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps as well as his wife, his 3 year old daughter and his disabled brother. The Islamist … Continue reading

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Libyan Muslims Raped US Ambassador Before Murdering Him

Read our original article on the murder of US ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and the Muslim support for his murder expressed on Facebook, to be updated on yesterdays events. As the Protest over an anti-Islam film refuses to wane, Cairo’s security forces clash … Continue reading

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US Ambassador Murdered in the Cause of Islam

Another innocent man murdered in the cause of Islam, this time a US Ambassador to Libya. In another Muslim demonstration of hypocrisy of the highest order, Libyan Muslims protested against an amateur made short film that portrayed Islam as violent.. … Continue reading

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Islamic Terror Group Al-Shabaab Place Kidnapped Children on The Frontlines

The Somalian Terror Group Al-Shabaab are responsible for the death of thousands as they wage their Jihad in East Africa, they were made notorious as they stoned a 13 year old rape victim to death for “adultery” and most recently … Continue reading

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Islamists Storm Hotel Bar in Tunisia

Tunisia is rapidly losing its tourist appeal and will soon lose their tourism industry altogether. As Islamists gradually make their presence known in the secular side of Tunisia, their latest Sharia rabid act was storming the last working bar in the … Continue reading

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