Video: Hamas Official Orders the Annihilation of Jews and Americans

Hamas Child Suicide Bombers

The latest vulgar statement from the twisted minds of Hamas (Whom 99% of Muslims and their Leftist Acolytes whole heartedly support as a “Democratically elected Government”, as can be seen in this video) is from a Hamas official who orders the supporters of Hamas to carry out the “Annihilation of the Jews, Americans and their supporters”

Bear in mind, Islamic and Leftist support of Hamas festers all over Europe and America. Yet, how a human being can support Sharia driven lunatics who dress like the Klu Klux Klan, brainwash children to hate Jews, Israel and the West with Nazi style propaganda and strap explosive vests to those same children to carry out their evil deeds, can only be pin pointed on the bizarre and twisted logic which is the Leftist and Islamic mind.

Hamas are not only the greatest enemy to the Palestinians themselves, but also to the civilized Western world, they are whole heartedly a terrorist organization, those who desperately attempt to portray them as otherwise, are usually the same people who try the same tactic with the history of the bloodthirsty Commie Che Guevara.

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1 Response to Video: Hamas Official Orders the Annihilation of Jews and Americans

  1. Don says:

    I hereby proclaim and issue a Fatwa against muslims and islam.

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