Islamic Violence Epidemic Continues in The No-Go Zones of Holland

The Dutch have suffered their fair share of the brutal consequences of mass Islamic immigration into the Netherlands, The country were many of the native public figures who were brave enough too criticize Islam have either been, in the case of Theo Van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn, brutally murdered or forced into hiding in exile as seen with the case of Ayaan Hirsi Ali or under 24 hour armed guard to this day as Geert Wilders is.

Geert Wilders was recently threatened with death by the spokesperson of “Sharia4Holland” You can read an article about that and the violent consequences people have suffered for speaking out against Islam in the Netherlands, here.

As the Islamization of the Netherlands slowly gets worse, more violence spews from the infamous crime ridden no go Zones controlled by Moroccan Muslim immigrants, off limits to all but the few non-Muslims brave enough to enter and risk the consequences.

Non-Western and primarily Moroccan Muslim immigrants have created yet another no-go area in the bar and restaurant district of the town of Hilversum in the Netherlands. The latest incident concerns the severe beating of two girls (18 and 15) by two Moroccan Youth after the girls refused to give the Moroccan boys a cigarette. Both of the girls were hospitalized. In May, a 30-year old Swede was almost kicked to death by Moroccan men. In April, Moroccan youngsters beat two men so severely that they had to be hospitalized.

Dutch News Articles (Use a Translation tool to read)

Two Teenage Girls Beaten up by Moroccan Youth

Swedish Man Beaten up by Moroccan Youth

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2 Responses to Islamic Violence Epidemic Continues in The No-Go Zones of Holland

  1. Mike says:

    And the libtard socialist dhimmis in the Netherlands will go and vote for the socialists these coming elections. Wilder’s party is trailing behind. Probably also because most muzzies will vote for the socialists which keep letting them in and handing out welfare. The same just happened in the french elections. And so it ends…

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