Muslims in Holland Stage Mock Execution of Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders, an anti-Islam politician in the Netherlands who lives under constant threat of assassination from Muslims, is a prime example of the threat of Islamic Fascism in Europe today.

The image below is from a rap video by a Muslim immigrant to the Netherlands who (according to the lyrics) fantasizes about kidnapping and executing Geert Wilders for claiming that Islam is dangerous.

The Dutch know only too well the horrors that follow the effects of Islamization, from artists like Theo Van Gogh who dared to create a movie that criticized Islamic subjugation of women and was subsequently shot eight times by a Muslim who then attempted to decapitate him, covered in this article. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the apostate of Islam who featured in the movie, now lives in exile and under constant protection for fear of assassination.

Although I doubt the powers at be in Holland will take action over this blatant death threat from the Islamic rap video, in 2012 the ”Sharia 4 Holland” spokesman made a death threat against Geert Wilders and was let off with 150 hours community service and a small fine.

In the video below, during Geert Wilders visit to parliament in London, Muslims gathered outside and called for him to be punished with death simply for ”insulting” Mohammed. The British police (as always) stood by whilst the Muslims peddled their hatred and screamed death threats.

After the Second World War, The good people of Holland should, above most others, remember what Occupation means. Stand your ground Holland unless you desire a second Occupation, this time from Islam.


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