Citizen Khan – More Proof That Muslims Cannot Tolerate Comedy

This is part two of my original article: Comedy aimed at Islam – No Laughing Matter.

Last night in the UK, a comedy sitcom called Citizen Khan, was aired and was watched by over 3.6 Million viewers. It featured the comical version of daily events in the life Muslim community leader.

In the hours after the show was broadcast, the BBC received over 200 complaints from Muslims. I would understand if they were complaining that the show was terribly made, unfunny and contained an unprofessional cast, but no such luck, the Muslims were ranting and raving about various things they picked out from the show, the Muslims claimed that the show: “Makes fun of Islam”, “was guilty of “stereotypes about Asians” and was “disrespectful to the Koran”.

Already Muslim run pages have sprung up on Facebook attacking the show and demanding the BBC stop broadcasting, take it offline and apologize for upsetting them, they also promote Islamic Bloc complaining, were a large number of Muslims send mass complaints to the BBC all at once.

It reminded me again of the double standards of those who follow Islam compared to those who follow other religions, for example:

In 2010, a comedy film called “The Infidel” was released, the plot line was as follows: A Muslim man discovers that he was adopted at birth and is in fact Jewish”

The scenes in the film included anti-Semitic stereotypes, a Kippah emblazoned with a Star of David being burned at a Pro-Palestine rally, cheap gags involving the holocaust and Kristallnacht and the lead character, joining his Muslim work mates as they showed their hatred for Jews, shouting “Jew Scum!”

Jewish critics found the film to be cheaply made and rather unfunny, which, although bearable enough to watch, it was, and that was the end of the matter. The Jewish community did not demand that the Movie be taken off the shelves, did not demand an apology and more importantly, like the reactions of many of the Islamic faith, they did not make death threats and kill people!

As I stated in part one of this article, the reaction of non-Muslims in similar circumstances is minuscule compared to the Muslim reaction, Thankfully in this case nobody was killed or has been threatened with death … yet, although one Muslim on Facebook named: Akram Killuminati wrote “F*ck this wanker” and “Stone that b*stard!”

Now over the years the UK have had shows like Bread making fun out of people from Liverpool, Rab C Nesbit making fun out of Scottish people and Father Ted making fun of Catholic Priests etc. But Citizen Khan is a different story altogether, It seems to me the Pakistani muslim community have no sense of humour and cannot begin to comprehend the idea of comedy to be honest.

I have a message to the Muslims turning rabid over this show, grow a sense of humour and do not take everything so seriously … If you learned to do that in the past a lot more people would still be alive.

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