A list of blogs, websites, groups and causes we feel deserve a place on our Blogroll.

The following list are those of causes the body of truth either support, draw inspiration from or are allied with.

Including my secondary blog: The Wolf of the Caucasus.

If you wish to be added to our blogroll, feel free to email us with a link to your relevant site and we would be to add it for you.

The link’s below may not, in some instances, represent the views of those at the body of truth.

In no particular order:

Jewish Defence League UK

Jewish Defence League Canada

The Muslim Issue

Apostates & Infidels

Masada 2000

Vlad Tepes Blog

David Ha’ivri: A Hebrew Man’s Thoughts and Deeds

Jihad Watch

The Religion Of Peace

European Freedom Initiative

Society For The Poor

Atlas Shrugs

The Mad Jewess

I Mitt Sverige

Michael Coren

Creeping Sharia

Terrorism Awareness Project

David Horowitz Freedom Centre

Richard Millett

Bare Naked Islam

Gate Stone Institute


Christian Defence League

The Prophet of Doom

Answering Islam

    Islamic Terrorism Timeline

Italian Defence League

German Defence League

Logan’s Warning

Casuals United

Task Force Europa

Vin Ienco

Infidel Task Force

3 Responses to Blogroll

  1. If you wish to add the Infidel Task Force, we will add your site to our blogroll.

  2. Thank you!! I will add yours tonight. Keep up the good work.

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