Germany: Muslim Breaks Wife’s Fingers Because She Wanted to Feed Children During Ramadan

I just came across this German news article. A Muslim man in Germany broke both of his wife’s fingers simply because she wanted to feed her children during Ramadan.

I do wonder how the couple coped with starving children all day, as forced starvation is the custom of Ramadan, which placed upon children, would be treated as child abuse by any sane minded person.

This is yet another sad example of Islamic domestic violence in Europe and follows a woman in France being beaten for not observing Ramadan and a separate incident when a Muslim man broke his wife’s nose simply because she lifted her veil in the summer heat of Southern France.

Original German News Article

The Story is dated 20th of August:

“A 24-year-old man broke two of his wife’s fingers after a dispute on Saturday. As the Northern Police Directorate in Neuruppin communicated, the woman wanted to give her two small children something to eat during the fasting month of Ramadan. That did not suit the husband, who is of the Islamic faith, and he forbade it using violence. The police referred the 24-year-old to the community accommodation in Stolpe-Süd in the Hennigsdorf district. The woman was given medical treatment as an out-patient.”

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1 Response to Germany: Muslim Breaks Wife’s Fingers Because She Wanted to Feed Children During Ramadan

  1. Lana says:

    omg that poor woman :((

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