Mainstream French Rapper Praises Anti-Semitic Child Killer

French rapper Booba, here in the music video for his song Parlons Peu. (screen capture, YouTube)“We’ll shoot anyone for a cause, Mohammed Merah! Bang bang in your head, we’ll blow you away, we’re angry like Merah!”

The sickening anti-Semitic material of mainstream French rapper Elie Yaffa AKA ‘Booba’.

Although it is common for Muslims in Europe to spout viscous Antisemitism openly, I am sickened how the praise of the anti-Semitic child killer, Mohammed Merah, whose victims included 3 French paratroopers and 3 Jews: Jonathan 30, Gabriel 4 and Arieh Sandler 5, has been allowed to be aired in the Mainstream rap scene of France.

Perhaps the worst part is that ‘Booba’ has not been arrested yet.


A French watchdog group filed a complaint this week against a rap artist it accuses of glorifying the anti-Semitic murderer Mohammed Merah.

The National Bureau for Vigilance against Anti-Semitism, or BNVCA, filed the complaint with police against Elie Yaffa, better known in France by his stage name Booba, in connection with the lyrics of a song titled “Porsche Panamera.”

The video was removed from Booba’s official YouTube channel on Wednesday, the day BNVCA published a statement condemning the video.

Mohammed Merah, who killed three children and a rabbi in 2012 in Toulouse, is mentioned twice in the song, which Booba performed together with the rap group S.D.H.S Family.

“We’ll shoot anyone for a cause, Mohammed Merah,” the group sings. “Bang bang in your head, we’ll blow you away, we’re angry like Merah.”

Later in the number, they sing: “Allah Yerahmo [Arabic for ‘May Allah have mercy on him’], because only crime pays off.”

“Booba’s lyrics amount to endorsing the anti-Jewish and anti-French killer of Toulouse, who is clearly referenced,” Sammy Ghozlan of BNVCA told JTA.

Booba, the son of a Muslim father from Senegal, last year drew anti-Semitic social media attacks when a song he released called for vengeance for the victims of slavery and the Holocaust.

Booba has sold more than 1 million albums in France.


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