Non-Muslim Pulled Off Flight to Mecca

Today we see another example of Muslim apartheid, as a non-Muslim, Nigerian man attempted to board a Hajj flight to Mecca, stating that he did not believe in discrimination, whether you are Christian or Muslim.

Unfortunately, this did not cut much slack with the passengers and officials of the Hajj flight, as he was intercepted as a non-Muslim who was not in “uniform”, dragged off the flight and interrogated.

We wrote an article covering the so called “Apartheid in Israel” that Leftists and Muslims constantly bleat about, compared to the real Apartheid in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, You can read it, here.

Original News Source

When asked why he joined the line of hajj pilgrims, Mr. Joseph said: “I am a Nigerian, so I don’t believe in discrimination, whether you are a Christian or Muslim”

A 29-year old Plateau state’s born teacher, Lohnan Joseph, has been intercepted while trying to board a Saudi-bound flight at Sultan Abubakar III International Airport, Sokoto, on Sunday.

Mr. Joseph, a christian and a former  teacher at Global Kids Academy, Sokoto, was said to have  joined the screening line of Zamfara State intending pilgrims, who were about to board  a flight bound for Saudi Arabia in the early hours  of Sunday.

Speaking to newsmen, Zamfara State’s commissioner of Environment and one of the state’s Hajj officials, Mukhtari Lugga, who was among the people that spotted and consequently intercepted the suspect, said , “Joseph just came from nowhere and join their line during their screening exercise.”

“He was easily identified as an  alien among them because he was not wearing uniform. This was what drew our attention to him and we quickly notified the police who came and picked him up for interrogation.”

Found in his possession were, 40 pieces of 10,000 France Franc, eight pieces of 5,000 France Franc, one pieces of 1,000 France Franc and N610 in different denominations as well as his personal belongings and credentials concealed inside a black bag.

When asked why he joined the line of pilgrims boarding flight as a Christian, Mr. Joseph said “I am a Nigerian, so I don’t believe in discrimination, whether you are a christian or Muslim.”

He also said that he wanted to be like Herbert Macaulay, whom he read had travelled to London amidst difficulties .

He later turned up to say that his mission was not to travel but only to visit the airport and come back.

On why he was holding foreign currency, Joseph who was dressed in long-slip white shirt and a black trousers said all the money belongs to his sister, who was a business woman and billed to return them after coming back from the airport.

While parading the suspect, Sokoto state’s Commissioner of Police, Shu’aibu Gambo, said the suspect was intercepted at around 9 am, as he attempted to join the screening line of Zamfara states’ pilgrims.

According to Mr. Gambo, when interrogated, Mr. Joseph said he wanted to go to London and had mentioned names of some people as his accomplices.

Mr. Gambo said that, his men would go after the people with a view to establishing their true mission.

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