The Unjustified Hatred of America

The Body of Truth is proud too add another too its team, his name is Collen. Based in Africa, He is opposed to Jihad and Islam and is currently educating Africans on the evils of Islam, he is already a vocal figure against radical islam and terrorism, we commend his great and brave work in Africa.

Here is his first article he has kindly written for The Body of Truth:

Unjustified Hatred of America 

By Collen Makumbirofa

The United States of America has done a lot for world in terms of freedom, relief aid and

Yet, Communists and Muslims do not let up in their unholy war as they manage to use every opportunity they can to demonize America and it’s people.

The American founding fathers were blessed people who laid down the great foundations of freedom which we hold dear today and which l believe are now being rapidly eroded by the present day “American leaders.”

The USA is unfairly blamed for the African slave trade, which began before the Americas were discovered in 1492 and before the United States was formed in 1787.

The slave trade from Africa was a disgraceful act regardless of who was taking part, But it is a historical fact that more African slaves were sent to Arabs in the Middle East, yet we do not see any apologies from Arab countries that benefited from African slave trade or the slave trade carried out and committed by Arabs as a whole.

The Arab slave trade was rife in Western Asia, North Africa, East Africa, and certain parts of Europe (such as Iberia and southern Italy) during their period of domination by Arab leaders.

During both the 8th and 9th centuries of the Fatimid Caliphate, most of the slaves were Slavic Eastern Europeans (called Saqaliba). However, slaves were drawn from a wide variety of regions and included Mediterranean peoples, Persians, Turkic peoples, peoples from the Caucasus mountain regions (such as Georgia, Armenia and Circassia) and parts of Central Asia and Scandinavia, English, Dutch and Irish, Berbers from North Africa, and various other peoples of varied origins as well as those of African origins.

Toward the 18th and 19th centuries, the flow of slaves from East Africa increased with the rise of the Oman sultanate which was based in Zanzibar. They came into direct trade conflict and competition with Portuguese and other Europeans along the Swahili coast.

Communists, Muslims – Educate yourself, learn the history of the world and lose your bias before you systematically demonize a country like America, the same America who, ironically, founded the modern idea of democracy that allow Communists and Muslims to air their views freely in Western countries.

Article Written by Collen Makumbirofa

Foundation of Reason & Justice

The Body of Truth

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1 Response to The Unjustified Hatred of America

  1. Great point! In fact today muslims still practice slavery and I don’t just mean their women…..I mean they actually have African slaves in this day and age!! I guess it’s hard to break a habit that THEY started hundreds of years ago….SHAME ON THEM!! Don’t get me started on all the Dhimmis around…..:>

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