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Muslim Jihadist Volunteers From Britain Feature in Gory Al-Shabaab Video’s

British Muslims are integrating really well.. in Somalia, not Britain, as they feature in gory al-Shabaab video’s featuring suicide bombers, the corpses of African peace keepers and other bloodthirsty al-Shabaab operations and tactics. Recently, British Muslims have been reported flocking to … Continue reading

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Video: Anjem Choudary & His Latest Jihadist Crew Protest Against The Olympics

Anjem Choudary and his hate filled band of Islamic followers showed their ugly faces of hate yesterday, as they protested against the closing ceremony of the London Olympics, calling it “Demonstration Exposing The Olympic Teams of Terror” It appears AC … Continue reading

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Thuggish Muslim Vigilante Style Patrols Praised as “Concerned Citizens” By The Media

I recently came across this news article, which stated the following: “CONCERNED residents (All of them Muslim) have set up nightly patrols to deter sex workers and drug dealers from doing business near their homes. Community members living in the … Continue reading

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