Comedy Aimed At Islam – No Laughing Matter

I was browsing through Youtube recently and came across some few and far between videos that entitled comedians making jokes about Islam. After watching a few of them, I noticed a similar pattern emerging.

I am a fan of comedy and I sometimes watch various comedians in my spare time. The main tactic used by modern day Comedians is to shock their fans and bring new material to them, Comedians appear confident and cocky all of the time and their audience usually keep up a constant howl of laughter, except, when the comedian decides to cross the line and joke about Islam.

(See how Somali militants violently react to a Comedian making fun of them)

The videos being discussed are linked in the relevant paragraph.

The first video I watched, was entitled: “The joke that upset Muslims in the UK” I do not know the name of the lady in the video, but I noticed after she was bold enough to make the joke, a short silence fell and a look of regret came across her face, the audience were laughing nervously and the other comedians on the show had a look of shock across their face, as if this woman had done something truly unspeakable, from the title it looks like it upset the partly delicate Muslim folk of the UK.

The second video I watched was a video entitled “Jimmy Carr Muslim Joke” The comedian in discussion has made some bold and controversial jokes in the past but as he mentioned the word “Muslim” the entire stadium fell silent, which was noted by Carr. His joke did not push any boundaries, it was just an innocent joke about reading Arabic. Carr then stated “A surprisingly well informed and inoffensive joke about the Islamic faith, and that’s because I am not a f*cking idiot, what are Christians going to do, forgive me?” He swiftly asked if there was any Catholics in the room, and presumably then went on to make an offensive joke about Christianity.

I think it is a sad and worrying state of affairs when the public can find themselves able to laugh off the fact that we cannot joke about one religion in particular, as if to do so would be a forbidden act with terrible consequences.

Cartoon of Muhammed

It reminded me of when a simple cartoon of the prophet Muhammed was published in Denmark, Muslims all over the world demanded the artists head on a plate, they demanded Western countries to invade Denmark as retribution, A Somali attacked the cartoonist, terror attacks were plotted (and thankfully foiled) against the newspaper offices that published the image, bloody violence was enacted worldwide and death and chaos followed, the Danish paper then issued a grovelling apology in an attempt to calm down the furious Muslims.

Here is a video of a hate filled protest outside the Danish embassy in London regarding the Danish cartoon.

Strangely enough, I saw a cartoon aired on Comedy Central which showed Jesus Christ using hardcore drugs and it also portrayed a sleazy image of the Christian depiction of God, thankfully no one was killed, riots did not break out globally, Christians did not demand the cartoonist be beheaded or even to simply apologize, in fact the whole thing passed off very quietly.

The same cartoon that was aired on Comedy Central also frequently airs content that I class as highly offensive to Jewish people, age old Jewish sterotypes are frequently dragged up and cheap and disgusting jokes about the horrors of the Holocaust are made, leaving the wrong impression on younger viewers of the show that the Second World War and the Holocaust and the horrors involved is some sort of laughing matter, but again, thankfully, no one was killed, riots did not break out globally, Jewish people did not demand the cartoonist be beheaded or to apologize and the whole thing passed off quietly again.

Pretty big difference between the two reactions don’t you think?

Perhaps because the majority of Christians, Jews and nearly all non-Muslims believe in freedom of speech and expression are not bigoted, violent and hate filled people like those who caused an uproar when an innocent joke about Islam is made.

Here is another interesting video I found, entitled: Do not make jokes about Islam or “The religion of peace and tolerance” will kill you!

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