Murderous Western Backed Syrian Rebels Execute Supposed “Loyalists”

As the situation in Syria quickly spirals out of control, The murderous Western Backed Islamic rebels known as “Free Syrian Army” commit yet more war crimes as they executed supposed “Syrian Loyalists” in a square as the rebels chanted “Allah hu Ackbar!” in unison.

This new crime comes quickly after it was revealed that the Syrian rebels also hung a small child after executing his entire family.

I hope the Western governments are happy with themselves, as they fund and support these murderous Islamist animals who happily breach every Western value in the book, as they carry out their crimes against humanity.

Below is a video of the execution [Warning, Graphic Content] and a news article:

Original News Source

Members of the rebel Free Syrian Army executed regime loyalists in the embattled northern city of Aleppo on Tuesday, according to amateur video posted on YouTube by activists.

The video showed members of the Al-Berri tribe being led into a square filled with armed men, chanting: “The FSA forever!”

The face of one of the captives was covered in blood, and he had been stripped almost naked, as rebels gathered around him and stood him against a wall.

Other captives were lined up next to him, as rebels chanted: “God is greatest.”

They opened a torrent of fire on their captives, identified as members of a tribe that entered the fighting on Tuesday in Aleppo on the side of the regime.

“The Al-Berri tribe are loyalists to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad,” said Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

“But under no law – international law or Islamic law – should anyone execute a prisoner. This is criminal. This is revenge.”

Abdel Rahman added that the Al-Berri tribe has long supported regime forces in violent crackdowns on demonstrations in Aleppo.

Human rights watchdog Amnesty International warned on Wednesday about disturbing reports of “summary executions” by Syrian troops and rebels, calling them “serious violations of international law.”

The Body Of Truth: The rebels are being backed with money and support from the West, we are seeing a repeat of Libya, when the West could not get enough of the “heroic freedom fighters” and gave them high grade military equipment to overthrow Gaddafi, only when the rebels were on the sure path to victory did they display their true intentions, by destroying the Christian and Jewish graves of second world war heroes who fell in the region and imprisoning, lynching and torturing Africans who were travelling through the region seeking work and a better life, labelling them as “Gaddafi loyalists”

Make no mistake. These “rebels” in Syria are NOT freedom fighters. They are the Muslim Brotherhood whom NATO are trying to assist them and helping them too take Syria from Assad.

I and many others might not like Assad but he has maintained Syria Westernized, Secular and free from Sharia. The US and British Governments should hang their heads in shame for trying to help murderous Jihadists, who commit acts such as the murder covered, take over Syria under pretext that all of the evils come from Assad’s forces.

Stop Glamorizing Syrian Rebels!

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The Body of Truth

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