Met Police Attempt to Crush The EDL in Order to Appease The Enemy

Tommy Robinson and other Key EDL Members Were Arrested and Imprisoned by the Met Police

This article is dedicated to the corrupt and useless Metropolitan Police, who stood idly by as Muslims showing their allegiance to the Mujahideen attacked them on the streets of London.

Currently, the British government and the Metropolitan police are more focused on destroying UK Counter Jihad groups by arresting key EDL leadership members and placing them in custody in an attempted take down of the EDL, or, as seen in a sicking case few months ago, arresting JDL UK members for attempting to debate hateful Muslims on the streets of London whilst allowing British Mujahideen members to freely walk the same streets.

All the while the British police are turning on their own people to appease the Muslim population of the UK, Muslims repay Britain with terror plots and threats of death and murder.

Yesterday, we wrote how Devout British Muslims Planned Mass Suicide Attacks, which were described as the next “9/11”

Today, it has been revealed that Somalia’s Islamist Shebab militia have warned Britain it would “pay the heftiest price” for its “war against Islam” and the extradition of radical cleric Abu Hamza to the United States, and threatened to inflict on Britain its worst-ever attack by stating: “The nightmare that surreptitiously looms on British shores is bound to eclipse the horrors of 7/7 and 21/7 combined”

The Al-Qaeda linked group also vowed to “go to every possible length to attain the freedom of imprisoned Muslim scholars.” Another message read: “Britain will pay the heftiest price for its brazen role in the war against Islam and endless brutality against innocent Muslims.”

You may be wondering why the Metropolitan police are more focused on destroying Counter Jihad groups, while at home and abroad, Muslims threaten to bring death and destruction to the streets of Britain.

I thought the same thing, until I saw this video of the Met police attempting to control a rabid Muslim and Leftist mob at a Pro-Palestine event in London, who attacked the police and called the police ‘F*cking Cowards, Kuffar Scum and Pussies’ when the Muslim mob broke a window, became agitated and attempted to beat up a lone policeman, who drew his baton to defend himself, was then called a ‘racist coward’ by the Muslims, the Met police spent most of their time running for their lives from the Muslim crowd, here you can see their true ‘effectiveness’

The video also gives a good insight into the mindset of British Muslims and those who make up the Pro-Palestine scene, including the British Leftists who still proudly stand by the Muslims and refer to them as ‘Brothers’ in the video, while they abuse the police with derogatory slurs aimed at non-Muslims such as ‘Kuffar’

The arrest and imprisonment of Tommy Robinson and the attempted destruction of Counter-Jihad groups is a worrying turn of events, it brings the question as to which side the Metropolitan police are really on and who is pulling their strings?

As Patriots loyal to Britain are arrested and imprisoned whilst those who preach hatred against Britain and bleed the country dry are free to walk the streets, it is clear that London is yet another European city lost to the grip of Islam and appeasement of Islamism, the Met police can foot most of the blame.

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13 Responses to Met Police Attempt to Crush The EDL in Order to Appease The Enemy

  1. Linda Rivera says:

    It is instructive that lots of police are used to deal very harshly with PEACEFUL patriotic Brits but UK leaders top FAVORITES, violent Muslims, are ALLOWED by UK leaders to humiliate the police in accordance with Islamic teachings that infidels should be subdued and humiliated. The violent Muslims should have been dealt with firmly and immediately deported from England – the country that they despise and hate so much. Instead, UK leaders much prefer to bow down to Islam’s god. They are disgusting.

  2. lelani levine says:

    I will laugh when the moslems go after the corrupt traitorous police. Then they can arrest themselves.

  3. Moslemhater says:

    London Police are a bunch of Fucken Pussies they want to inprision there on people and let those sorry filthy Moslems run the streets and laugh at the pussy cops and destory London,your History everything Briton stans for is gone if those Fucken Moslems get in power I hate Moslems the only good Moslem is a Fucken Dead Moslem!!!

  4. EDL Buck says:

    Tommy, although unemployed and his bank account frozen, has been denied legal aid. I’m posting a link from the British Freedom website. At the bottom of the page is a donate button to Tommys’ legal fund. Please spare what you can.

  5. Linda Rivera says:

    UK ruling elites and police are NOT appeasing Muslims! UK leaders and police have united with, and are actively working with Quran-obedient Muslims to bring about the Islamic conquest of Britain. British and European leaders have TREASONOUSLY imported many millions of Muslims-the soldiers of Allah to wage jihad and conquer our nations in OBEDIENCE to the commands in the Quran. It is NOT APPEASEMENT. IT IS TREASON!

    TRAITOR EU leaders have even made agreements with Muslim leaders to import massive numbers of Muslims and to Islamize Europe. What dirty traitors. British and European taxpayers are FORCED to finance massive numbers of Muslims and their harems of multiple wives and very large numbers of children. British and European leaders are RAISING UP HUGE MUSLIM ARMIES INSIDE OF OUR COUNTRIES TO WAGE JIHAD AGAINST US.

  6. Linda Rivera says:

    Sorry I posted twice by mistake!

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  8. Politicalpony says:

    I say shot them all on site.

  9. chris gardella says:

    Looks like the Muzzies are out of control over there across the pond. We’re not too far behind the U.K., here in America we’ve elected a muslim president named Barack Hussein, who refused four requests to send help to our four citizens being attacked and then ultimately slaughtered in Libya!! We could use a few Tommy Robinson’s over here in the U.S. !!!!!

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