British Muslims Celebrate Hurricane Sandy, 9/11 and The Holocaust

The Body of Truth: Recently, I have found pages on which Muslims admin and converse on Facebook to be very useful in gaining an insight into their mindset, recently I have found British Muslims celebrating Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust and British Muslims claiming Allah destroyed a US cinema screening the ‘Innocence of Muslims movie’ and today I found the sickening anti-American sentiment of more British Muslims in a group called Lions of Islam.

The page has over 1000 likes and a large fan base of Western Muslim followers, their posts comprise mainly of Pro-Jihad, Pro-Islamic Terrorism and anti-Jewish, Anti-Israel and anti-Western posts.

Lions of Islam is a group moderated by British Muslims, as an admin signed off a post identical to that of an admin of the Muslim Defence League, a violent, badly dressed and wannabe Jihadi group.

Lions of Islam spend a lot of time posting pictures calling for Muslims to take up Jihad, calling those who don’t hypocrites and devils, while at the same time sitting behind a computer screen and being to frightened to take up Jihad.

Perhaps a better name for the admins of the group would be ‘Lambs of Islam’. unfortunately, those who frequent the page are not as laughable as the admins, and their profiles and the comments made are simply dangerous and worrying.

Lions of Islam posted a picture celebrating hurricane sandy, which has killed at least 55 people so far.

The page captioned the picture: “May Allah cripple America and plunder her resources with this blessed storm and give victory to the Muslims. Ameen.”

They are also sick enough to post an Eid greeting with a child taking part in Jihad:

As well as celebrating the tragedy of 9/11 and vowing to “Give them (Americans) more moments of silence”

And of course, no Muslim group is complete without spewing bile against Israel and Jews:

A Muslim with Adolf Hitler as his profile picture then wrote this sickening statement:

The hatred spread against non-Muslims by the Lions of Islam is sickening.

Meanwhile, instead of doing their job and arresting those behind the Lions of Islam group, The British police are to busy arresting Jewish Defense League UK members who oppose groups like as ‘Lions of Islam’.

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16 Responses to British Muslims Celebrate Hurricane Sandy, 9/11 and The Holocaust

  1. Manny says:

    NOT lions or sheeps of islam…PIGS of islam…love me bacon…

  2. casual says:

    smelly rag wearing cunts

  3. Angwar says:

    allah Fuckbar!

  4. davida vakachi says:

    Scarey, hateful people. They truly worry me, hope the polticians are also waking up to the danger.

  5. donnygall says:


  6. ali adolf meir says:

    filthy satanic yehudi pigs

  7. let’s all join and fuck with them !

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  9. george says:

    u can celebrate mother fucker but u never can win of the christian world we can turn u to ashes time to get rid of all muslims from europe and usa go back to your countries and if we need your oil we should go and occupy you and take your oil fuck you all

  10. george says:

    we should come closer to our religion we should unite all christian of the world catholics orthodox and all others with jews and answer those mother fuckers their holy war to see if they can last one week we should hit few of their countries with nuclear weapon if they have it and they can use it they will ,first we have to take out pakistan and afghanistan why should we loose any soldier there nuc them turn them to ashes WE NEED THE NEW CRUSADERS

  11. Listen up uou Bastard Muslims! says:

    Go fuck your alla!

  12. Allan says:

    The politicians in the west seem to be kissing up to the jihadists. Bunch of blind fuckwads.

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