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UK: Muslim Woman Tried to Win Back Her Man By Trying To Join His Terror Group

Islamic Romance, is this as good as it gets? Recently, we posted the story of how Devout British Muslims planned a merciless terror campaign described as the next 9/11. It has now been revealed, in reference to the spoof film … Continue reading

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German Dentist Fined €1,500 For Not Hiring a Veiled Muslim Assistant

Today brings yet another disgraceful case of ‘Muslim sensitivity’ as a German dentist is fined 1,500 Euro simply because he did not hire a veiled Muslim woman as his assistant, because she declined to remove her headscarf, which I add, … Continue reading

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Moscow to ‘Promote Tolerance’ by Building a Mosque at the Kremlin

The psychotic and hypocritical Russian government show their extreme ignorance once again, by planning to build a Mosque at the Kremlin to “promote tolerance and encourage multiculturalism”. It is a shame Russia do not put the same amount of effort into ‘promoting … Continue reading

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Germany Postpones Anti-Radical Islam Campaign, Fearing Anger From Radical Muslims

Following a German politician issuing a grovelling apology to upset and volatile Muslims angry over the anti-Islam movie, it has now been revealed that the German Interior Ministry is postponing an anti-Radical Islam poster campaign, fearing that it will incite Radical … Continue reading

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