Syrian Jihadists Mortar School – Kill Eight Students & Teacher

As the death toll in Syria tops 40,000.. Muslims and Leftists of the West continue to buy Palestinian crocodile tears and spread their libelous propaganda against Israel, whilst simultaneously sweeping the bloodshed of Syrian Arabs under the carpet.. presumably because in the conflict in Syria, they have no Jews to place the blame on and attack.

Recently we have posted updates on many of the shocking incidents that have occurred in Syria. We have covered various massacres, atrocities and bloodshed committed by Jihadist Syrian rebels, you can read about them here.

Original News Source

A rebel attack on a school near Damascus on Tuesday killed eight students and their teacher, Syrian state television reported.

“In a horrific crime, eight students were killed along with one of their teachers in Bteiha school in the Wafideen camp near Damascus. They were killed by a mortar launched by terrorists,” said the broadcaster.

The Wafideen camp is located some 20 kilometres northeast of Damascus. It is home to some 25,000 people displaced from the Golan heights, occupied by Israel since 1967.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the report.

Battles east of Damascus have grown especially bloody in recent days, as troops try to fight off rebels in the Eastern Ghouta region as they inch closer to the capital.

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Video: Muslim Woman Uses The Race Card Against Police Officer and Fails Miserably!

MWPOAfter a dispute with a police officer a burka clad women makes false accusations of racism and bigotry against the police officer. Thankfully a camera on the police car recorded the truth!

Do you see the extent Muslims will go to? This woman tried to ruin an honest mans career to further their agenda. What kind of soul less animals would go to such lengths?

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Islamization of Germany: “No Way Through for Germans”

The following article from Islam Versus Europe contains yet another example of the effects following the increased Islamization of Germany.

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In recent years, Germany has seen increased Islamic honor killings, Muslim riots and the encroachment of Islamic values into their daily lives.

Recently in the middle of October 20 police vehicles had to be deployed to stop a mass battle between 50 of the inhabitatns. According to the police, it was mainly Serbs and Arabs who were fighting with knives, sticks and tear gas.

Inhabitant Ramona Nomigkeit doesn’t dare to leave her child (8) alone in front of the door any more: “The gangs of criminals spit on us, insult us and steal from us.” Her neighbour Irene Boschen is afraid too: “They shout “Shit Germans” at us, and also hung up a sign between their apartment blocks that said “No way through for Germans”.

Source: Bild

Recently Radio Bremen broadcast a documentary about the city’s “problem areas”. Some members of a criminal gang called “Los Arabs” were interviewed”:

The police have got nothing to say here. They might come past here with one or two crews. If they see one, two people they might stop. But when they see more than that, they don’t dare. There’s nothing else to do here. Either you build shit and when you work, you get no respect here. People laugh at you. Anyone that works here earns no money. One two, one three – what’s he going to do with that. If you do break-ins, you make ten thousand, twenty thousand, thirty thousand – that’s a lot better.

Source: PI

Reblogged from Islam Versus Europe.

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Baseball Bat Murder Settles Argument in a British Mosque

The scene in St Oswald's Road following the attackBirmingham and the surrounding Midlands in the UK has a huge Muslim population.

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We have recently posted how Devout British Muslims from Birmingham planned mass suicide attacks.

Recently, a 16 year old Muslim boy has admitted manslaughter after attacking a man with a baseball bat outside a Birmingham mosque.

What I fail to understand is why Muslims claim that the Masjid is sacred and must be defended with their lives if necessary.. yet this young man thought nothing of spilling the blood of his fellow Muslim inside the Mosque.

In March, another baseball bat wielding Muslim man stormed into a Mosque in Arras, France and killed one man and injured another, here is the news article, again backing up the fact that the Mosque is not so sacred to Muslims as they like to think.

Original News Source

A boy has admitted manslaughter after attacking a man with a baseball bat outside a Birmingham mosque.

The 16-year-old who cannot be named, had denied a charge of murder at Birmingham Crown Court.

Saleem Hassan, 21, died in June from serious head injuries following the attack near the Noor-Ul-Uloom Mosque in Small Heath.

The boy was remanded in custody and is due to be sentenced on 11 January.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said the attack happened after “a verbal altercation” between Mr Hassan and the defendant’s brother inside the mosque.

Wendy Stevens, from the CPS, said the boy saw the altercation “and rather than avoid getting involved, ran home and picked up a baseball bat with which he returned to the scene and launched an attack on Saleem”.

West Midlands Police said Mr Hassan was struck twice on the head , once when he was “motionless on the floor”.

He died five days later in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, police said.

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Video: Muslim Horde Assails Anti-Islam Centre in Munich

H/T: Islam Versus Europe

These Muslims came straight from a pro-Palestinian demo to assail an event being to protest against the construction of an Islam centre in Munich. You can see them waving Turkish flags and spitting on the event participants. At one point they start shouting, “Nazis raus!” [Nazis out]. The speaker then explains to them how Muslims worked with the Nazis in WW2 and the similarities in their worldview. This only enrages the Muslims further.

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Islamist Militants Slaughter 3 Young Children in Front of Their Mother

An example of Islamic cruelty of the highest order, as three children are slaughtered in front of their mother by Islamist militants.

The killers are believed to belong to the violent Jihadist movement known as Boko Haram.

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Original News Source

Three children between the ages of 5,7 and 12 were Thursday slaughtered in the presence of their mother in Sulimanti ward of Maiduguri metropolis when the bread winner Mr. Aduju Zubairu an SSS personnel was away, even as five others were also shot dead during a night attack by gunmen suspected to be members of Jamatul Ahlis Sunnah Lid Daawa wal Jihad popularly known as Boko Haram.

Our correspondent who was at the scene of the incident in Sulimanti, Thursday morning, where the children were slaughtered gathered that the assailants stormed the resident of the victims at exactly 1:55 am and forcefully broke the main gate, violently woke up the three children and slaughtered them before their mother.

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Munich: Leftists Apprehended After Attacking Anti-Islam Party’s Information Stand

Hat Tip: Islam Versus Europe

Today we bring a video that shows Leftist, Antifa cowards using their typical, Fascist behavior . in the form of hit and run attacks on a party that holds anti-Islam views.

Luckily, the members of the anti-Islam party were too sharp for the Antifa, who failed to get away in time and were thrown to the ground and apprehended by party members.

When the other Leftist wannabe thugs saw what happened to their friends, they stand looking dazed and lost, only to run for their lives when one party member runs to try and apprehend them as well.

The cowardliness of the ironically Fascist Antifa is laid bare again..

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