Israel Must Retake Gaza and End The Hamas Problem

The population in southern Israel must not be left hostage to Palestinian terrorists.

Late on Wednesday, “code red” sirens sounded across southern Israel, giving thousands of Israeli civilian’s up to 15 seconds to find shelter, after Hamas militants fired a barrage of rockets from northern Gaza in a co-ordinated attack.

Hamas offered a ceasefire with Israel, which they cannot manage to abide by as Hamas rockets are still being fired into Southern Israel as I type this post.

Enough is enough, Israel must seize the Gaza Strip back immediately, to end the Hamas terror problem once and for all.

The recapture of Gaza will not be an easy feat by any means, yet the bloodshed, defense costs and damage saved by Israel in the long run by eliminating the threat of Hamas will be phenomenal.

Already the Liberal media and world Leftists (who have no experience of living in a conflict zone or of suffering a barrage of M75 rockets fired by Islamic fundamentalists) are condemning Israel’s necessary response to the rocket attacks in order to protect it’s citizens. Israel needs to disregard the backlash from the World media and worthless Leftists, who only seem to knowledge and cover Israel’s retaliation to the attacks, this is the next vital step for the protection of Israel and it’s population.

Thankfully, I am not alone in thinking this, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has said on television that it will be necessary to ”reoccupy the Gaza Strip entirely” ”We must put an end to this, the population in southern Israel must not be left hostage to Palestinian terrorists.”

I am glad that some members of the Knesset are beginning the see sense.

We Stand By Israel!



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