Video: Muslims Patrol Britain’s Streets Enforcing Islamic Law

Recently we posted an article covering how a gang of thuggish Muslim vigilantes enforcing Islamic law under the discreet cover of doing it for the good of the community were praised as ‘Concerned citizens’ by the British media.

Today we bring a shocking video from the streets of Britain, as Muslims patrol the streets of Britain enforcing Islamic law.

The Muslims stop a man from drinking and order him to throw it away, stating ‘This is a Muslim area, no alcohol allowed’

This is the Islamization of Britain in full view:

The Body of Truth

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10 Responses to Video: Muslims Patrol Britain’s Streets Enforcing Islamic Law

  1. JerryJ26 says:

    I’m an american veteran and can see the writing on the wall. It will eventually come down to civil war between these islamists and the general population who will become fed up with this kind of behavior that is allowed by the government. I pray for tommy robinson and his crew to be the salvation of the british people in doing something about this and that it will become “thier finest hour”.

  2. Barbara Palladino says:

    We choose a religion. But God calls us to repentence. The only way to get to Heaven is through the Blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus was the only prophet who arose from the dead. That should tell you something.

  3. alex says:

    So Muslims have begun breaking the law of this land by enforcing their own laws with intimidation, how long will it be before they enforce them with violence? How long will it be before areas of the country are segregated into no go areas? most importantly where will it all end? If this is allowed to continue there can be but one conclusion and sadly i can see Enoch Powell was right with his rivers of blood speech! Blood will be spilled on our streets, its not a question of if only that of when!

  4. ivan tipp says:

    When will they start RAPING young girls while they’re out doing their civic duty?

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  6. Dave says:

    The video I couldn’t view. Perhaps the thought police are also mooslimes!

  7. Anti-Islam says:

    Please. Muslims. F’ck. Off…. You smell, you preach you’re the religion of ‘peace’ when you resort to intimidating innocent people, you’ve raped innocent girls from care homes in the UK and sold them for sex. You look at women as nothing but objects and drag back every country you immigrate to back into a third world country. You’re disgusting vile creatures and you’re not even ‘people’, you’re worth less than the crap under my shoe. I can’t wait until the tables turn on you… people will not tolerate it for much longer – i’m talking about the people who don’t believe in a paedophilic deity who had sex with a 9 year old girl. That sounds about right…

  8. tc72 says:

    I see the vid has been removed and replaced by a comment by islamic filth.

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