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Islam – A Violent, Well Organized and International Mafia

The Body of Truth: I have found my perfect definition of Islam – A Violent, Well Organized and International Mafia.. which is growing and expanding at a rapid pace. I have decided to bullet point 8 similarities and differences between Islam, Muslims … Continue reading

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Syrian Jihadists Mortar School – Kill Eight Students & Teacher

As the death toll in Syria tops 40,000.. Muslims and Leftists of the West continue to buy Palestinian crocodile tears and spread their libelous propaganda against Israel, whilst simultaneously sweeping the bloodshed of Syrian Arabs under the carpet.. presumably because … Continue reading

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Video: Muslim Woman Uses The Race Card Against Police Officer and Fails Miserably!

After a dispute with a police officer a burka clad women makes false accusations of racism and bigotry against the police officer. Thankfully a camera on the police car recorded the truth! Do you see the extent Muslims will go … Continue reading

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Islamization of Germany: “No Way Through for Germans”

The following article from Islam Versus Europe contains yet another example of the effects following the increased Islamization of Germany. To view our other articles regarding the Islamization of Europe, click here. In recent years, Germany has seen increased Islamic honor killings, … Continue reading

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Baseball Bat Murder Settles Argument in a British Mosque

Birmingham and the surrounding Midlands in the UK has a huge Muslim population. To view our other articles regarding Muslims in Britain, you can read them here. We have recently posted how Devout British Muslims from Birmingham planned mass suicide … Continue reading

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