Syrian Muslim Fanatics Torture and Murder Christians

Recently we posted an article on Muslims in Thailand carrying our an ethnic cleansing campaign on Buddhists, now we bring evidence of a similar situation concerning Christians in Syria.. proving that Muslims cannot ‘coexist’ or live side by side with those who hold different beliefs to Islam.

The following photo shows Muslim murderers under the flag of the Syrian Al-Qaeda torture Syrian Christians and place heavy boulders on their backs to establish a “limit of Allah” on them. Their hands are tied behind their backs, they have no idea whether the final shot will ring out in the next second or not.

Remember, these Sharia Driven, Islamist psychopaths are being paid a wage packet by Western Governments.

Is this what Leftists and Liberals call ‘The Religion of Peace’ .. Perhaps ‘The Religion of Pieces’ would be more fitting.

Muslims like to brag that Islam is the fastest growing religion, but do not like to say why..


The Body of Truth

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Anti-Islamization, Pro-Caucasus Blogger. Georgian Patriot. Counter-Jihadist. Anti-Islam. Anti-Russia. Idealist.
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4 Responses to Syrian Muslim Fanatics Torture and Murder Christians

  1. if the picture was true, wish our loving God Jesus Christ forgive them all to show that His kingdom as a bless for everyone even the killer and the victim.

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  3. Ross says:

    I learn that the Pastor in South Korea claimed she saw Prophet Muhammed was in Hell. I am sure that Muslims and their families will go to Hell because they don’t repent and turn to Jesus. Jesus is the only person who can save people from Hell. Islam always persecuted Christians.

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