Muslims like to brag that Islam is the fastest-growing religion, but don’t like to say why

Muslims like to brag that Islam is the fastest-growing religion, but don’t like to say why.

Last week in Pakistan, a 70-year-old Christian missionary Bargeeta Almeby (left) was attacked and shot in the neck outside her residence for preaching a faith other than Islam,

This week, a 14-year-old Christian girl was kidnapped, raped for eleven days and then forcibly ‘converted’ to the Religion of Peace with the approval of the local Mosque imam.

The foolish belief that non-Muslims can coexist with the followers of a barbaric, violent and bloodthirsty cult such as Islam is merely a pipe dream.. and a crazy one at that.

Rest in Peace to the latest people added to the long list of those who have been buried under the fist of Islamic Fascism.

Read our latest article, Islam: A Violent, Well Organized and International Mafia.

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13 Responses to Muslims like to brag that Islam is the fastest-growing religion, but don’t like to say why

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    • carl robertson says:

      Now that is intelligent. Vulgarity only demonstrates your limited intellect. Islam is a religion of ignorant savages, no doubt, But confront them with something OTHER than their own level of ignorance.

  2. Darren says:

    Muslims are like locusts going from country to country raping and feeding on its natural resources for free, when one country has been bled they jump to the next one.

  3. Freddy Stefano says:

    I am not afraid of filthy moslems, they are cowards and stinky !! YOU FUCKING MUZZIES WILL REGRET THE WORST CRUSADE YOU EVER HAD !!

  4. Cerina says:

    Islam is spread by muslims fucking like rabbits and spewing out babies, not through people converting.
    Muslim women are simply baby machines.
    Muslims have been taught to lie to make this hilarious cult seems like it is having success.
    Muslims are literally trying to fuck their way to being the top religion.
    islam is a dangerous F-ALLAH-CY!

  5. epkos says:

    One of the problems of Islam is illiteracy and ignorance. My people die for lack of knowledge. It is like communism. It thrives on indoctrination and brainwashing. And all those who have fallen victim may never get out because the indoctrination begins from birth. And like communism you cant even leave on your own. If you dare then you are killed. Remember communist Russia. When Pope Benedict quoted a dead Byzantine emperor that the man who brought Islam into the world brought evil into the world, as usual, Moslems took up arms . Touch the koran and you have had it. Draw a cartoon and and moslems riot. Or make a film and mention mohamade, moslems will burn and loot.

    • derbyiter says:

      hey bro, they need to come and get me then ! I have qurans to burn, and plan to have a marsh party bonfire with them,too! islamic followers are cowards, and need many before they try. then after make out they didn’t know it was a offence after it, “WHAT A LOAD OF BULLSHIT,THAT DRIBBLES FROM FERALS ! “

  6. siddharth says:

    sad but true… Religion of Piss

  7. a says:

    ISLAM = International Society of Legally Approved Mass – murderers.

  8. ivan tipp says:

    I’m Glad they don’t drink. Fuck, Imagine what they’d be like with a gut full of rum in ’em!

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  10. Ross says:

    I am not a Racist but I honesty know that Muslims are the Stupidest people on this planet in the eyes of our Christian God. This is the truth.

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