Syrian Jihadists Mortar School – Kill Eight Students & Teacher

As the death toll in Syria tops 40,000.. Muslims and Leftists of the West continue to buy Palestinian crocodile tears and spread their libelous propaganda against Israel, whilst simultaneously sweeping the bloodshed of Syrian Arabs under the carpet.. presumably because in the conflict in Syria, they have no Jews to place the blame on and attack.

Recently we have posted updates on many of the shocking incidents that have occurred in Syria. We have covered various massacres, atrocities and bloodshed committed by Jihadist Syrian rebels, you can read about them here.

Original News Source

A rebel attack on a school near Damascus on Tuesday killed eight students and their teacher, Syrian state television reported.

“In a horrific crime, eight students were killed along with one of their teachers in Bteiha school in the Wafideen camp near Damascus. They were killed by a mortar launched by terrorists,” said the broadcaster.

The Wafideen camp is located some 20 kilometres northeast of Damascus. It is home to some 25,000 people displaced from the Golan heights, occupied by Israel since 1967.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the report.

Battles east of Damascus have grown especially bloody in recent days, as troops try to fight off rebels in the Eastern Ghouta region as they inch closer to the capital.

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