Video: Muslim Woman Uses The Race Card Against Police Officer and Fails Miserably!

MWPOAfter a dispute with a police officer a burka clad women makes false accusations of racism and bigotry against the police officer. Thankfully a camera on the police car recorded the truth!

Do you see the extent Muslims will go to? This woman tried to ruin an honest mans career to further their agenda. What kind of soul less animals would go to such lengths?

The Body of Truth

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5 Responses to Video: Muslim Woman Uses The Race Card Against Police Officer and Fails Miserably!

  1. SWD says:

    serve her right she needs to be deported

  2. The woman should think of the ramifications to her children before she speaks or acts. A parent needs to behave in ways that preserve their ability to be a good parent to their children. Having children is no reason for expecting a lighter sentence since a parent should be a much more responsible adult.

  3. In The Koran it says that’s it fine to lie and deceive The Kaffir, The Infidel that’s Arabic words for non Muslims. So as we can see here this ugly towel head did what was commanded in The Koran to lie and deceive and we see that Muslimes cannot be trusted because of this. F Off Muslimes out
    of Australia. You need to go back to 7th century Arabia. Your confused! Australia is now 2012 NOT 7th century when Mohummad was around!!! 🙂

  4. mikey says:

    fucking muslims. a perfect reason to ban the burqa.

  5. weneziana says:

    stop wearing the burqa- in our law from tomorrow ! you don’t want- go home burqa !

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