British Muslims Demand The Death Sentence for School Girl Shot by The Taliban

Today we bring yet another sickening low from Britain’s Muslims, as they call for the death penalty of the schoolgirl, Malala Yousafzai, to face a death sentence, calling her ‘an apostate’ and a ‘traitor to Islam’.

Brave Malala, who is 15, was shot 10 while on her school bus, simply because she promoted the education of girls and criticized Taliban militants.

In the past we have reported some instances of the lows and sickening behaviour British Muslims have stooped to, including: British Muslims Celebrate Hurricane Sandy, 9/11 and The HolocaustThree British Muslims Jailed for Vicious Racial Attack on Disabled Man and UK Pakistani Muslims Openly Express Support For Adolf Hitler and The Holocaust.

We hope Malala makes a full recovery and continues her cause of women being allowed to educate themselves, despite Islamic oppression.

Original News Source

BRITISH-based Muslim extremists want the schoolgirl shot by the Taliban to face a possible death sentence.

The radicals will head to the Pakistani capital of Islamabad to link up with hardliners for a demonstration urging a fatwa against Malala Yousafzai.

The 15-year-old campaigner was shot in the head after she called for girls to have the right to attend school.

UK-based Islamist Anjem Choudary has led the anger aimed at Malala who is recovering at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

Zealots claim she is an apostate, or traitor, to Islam because she wrote an online diary for BBC Urdu slamming the Taliban for denying girls the right to education.

The conference billed as “Sharia4Pakistan” is due to be held at Lal Masjid (mosque) in Islamabad on November 30 and will feature a video address from al-Muhajiroun founder Omar Bakri Mohammed, titled “Declaration of Fatwa on Malala Yousafzai”.

The punishment for apostasy, or regressing from Islam, can under certain reading of Islamic law mean a death sentence.

East London-based Choudary told us: “There is no covenant of security in Pakistan for non-Muslims. If someone apostasises (renounces) Islam they become like the non-Muslims.

“They no longer have any form of protection. What we say very clearly is any non-Muslims in Muslim countries need to leave because they are at risk.

“And those people who are apostates (like Malala) and want to stand with the enemy against Muslims, they are naturally the first people that are going to be targeted.

“If someone apostatises like this woman did by allying with the Americans and saying her favourite person is (Barack) Obama and that she does not want the Sharia or hijab and wants to live under a secular state, she has put herself in a very precarious situation.

“It is no surprise what happened to her in Pakistan.

“Malala is mature Islamically, she is not immature, she has reached that period we say is adulthood.”

Meanwhile Omar Bakri Mohammed, 54, formerly based in the UK and now hiding in Lebanon, told the Daily Star Sunday: “The only solution is the implementation of the Sharia. She (Malala) should face justice in an Islamic court.

“We are going to renew the Fatwa against the man-made law and systems in Pakistan – this is why women like this young girl are rejecting Islam. The system is not being implemented properly.”

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  2. wildhorses27 says:

    Now this a real life case for ayslum I hope they do not send her back or her family she has been through enough she will surely be killed not like those others thousands of lairs about needed ayslum that are terrorist does anyone agree?

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  4. malc says:


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