UK: Muslims and Leftists Plan a Violent Riot in Central London Over Israel-Gaza Conflict

The Body of Truth: Muslims and Leftists in Britain have shown their true Fascist qualities as they plan a violent riot in London, reaction to the current Israel-Gaza conflict.

Last month, we uncovered that there were active Mujahideen members spotted roaming around in Central London, what is even more frightening is the thought of these Islamic militants taking part in a Muslim/Leftist riot in Britain’s capital.

We have informed London’s Metropolitan police, in the hope that they can prevent this riot.

Various Muslims and Leftists have posted on forums planning a violent riot in Kensington High Street in Central London.

One forum member described their violent plan as:

“Israel has just attacked Gaza so we are calling on everyone to get down to Kensington High street for 5:30pm tonight for a big riot. Bring petrol bombs rocks etc.Turn Kensington into a war zone!”

Referring to the last Muslim riot in Kensington Street, in which police were brutally attacked and property damaged, they stated:

“Lets turn Kensington into a war zone again!”

Click picture to enlarge:

Here is the video of the last Muslim and Leftist riot in Kensington, this riot was caused due to propaganda from Gaza whipping British Muslims into a rage.

The first riot featured Muslims intimidating London police and forcing them back while yelling “Allah Akbar” and “run, cowards, kuffar; swine, pigs.” They shove, beat and harass them with impunity. This is the largest city in Europe, in the heart of the West. Britain has imported the middle east and Islam into its capital.

We cannot allow a riot like this to repeat itself!

The Body of Truth 

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6 Responses to UK: Muslims and Leftists Plan a Violent Riot in Central London Over Israel-Gaza Conflict

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  2. Andrew Moncrieff says:

    Did the riot come off? I can’t find any reference to it on the news?

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  4. alan anderson says:

    incitement to violence is an arrestable offence, wheres plod in all this

    • farenheit211 says:

      Alan, the problem with plod is they are far too often to be seen engaged in fellatio with the bearded savages. One law for the savages and one law for the rest of us. Crack an off colour joke on Twitter and plod will kick your door in, however a bearded savage calling for the deaths of members of other faiths will get exactly zero action.

      Sadly in many cases the police are part of the problem not the solution.

  5. Any new news on this topic? YahooNews7 reserved a page for this but until now it’s still a blanc page…

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