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Jewish Defence League Canada

Comment by Blog Administrator:  A message to  laila rashidie and suraia sahar  (York University Students)

The door swings both ways and you are free to leave now.  Pack your bags and GO live in one of your 56 ISLAMIC STATES! Go!  GO! Your brothers, your “heroes”, your shaheeds  شهيد  شُهَدَاء  šuhadāʾ  want you. We don’t.

* * *

“THEY”  scream at our heroes, our Veterans saying they have blood on their hands.

“THEY” despise us.  “THEY” live among us.  Here’s just a couple examples…

Comment by Blog Administrator: I am sure this guy is not worried about his photo being published as he desecrates our memorial to our heroes.  I am sure this guy works and lives with like-minded savages.

This savage knocks over OUR Canadian Flags in honour of OUR HEROES, the Veterans living at Sunnybooke Hospital.

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  1. The postmodern West has reached its Counterculture peak. Who do you want to replace a system no longer intact?

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