Toronto War Memorial Defaced: ‘Canada Will Burn, Praise Allah’

Recently we have posted stories such as a Gravyard in the UK defaced with “Bomb England”, “Free Palestine” and “White People Die in Hell” slogans.

Today brings a similar, equally sickening story, as a war memorial is defaced with pro-Islamic graffiti: ‘Canada Will Burn, Praise Allah’

I believe Canada is to lenient on Muslims..

Original News Source

TORONTO – A vandal defaced a west-end war memorial shortly after Remembrance Day ceremonies wrapped on Sunday.

“Canada will burn praise Allah,” was written with permanent marker across the monument in Coronation Park, police said.

A passerby alerted cops about the damage.

City of Toronto workers were on scene Sunday night cleaning the memorial.

Police are investigating.

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2 Responses to Toronto War Memorial Defaced: ‘Canada Will Burn, Praise Allah’

  1. Kate Loine says:

    These islamists need to serve serious time in jail and fines. If they love war so much they need to go back to their own country.

  2. sttuber says:

    Last update on this story is that the Toronto Police is treating this as a hate crime because it’s more along the line of someone who has a similar mentality to “Ander’s Brievnik”.

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