Well Known Saudi Scholar Held for Torturing His 5-Year-Old Daughter to Death

Today, we are sorry to add yet another addition to the tragic list of the violence Muslims have inflicted on children, in this case a popular Saudi Scholar who has been held for torturing his 5-Year-old daughter to death.

In recent weeks we have posted how a British Muslim Brutally Murdered a 7 Year Old Child Because He Could Not Recite the Koran and how a Muslim Man in Italy Punished His Wife for Not Wearing the Islamic Veil by Killing Her Two Children.

Of course, there are many cases of non-Muslims murdering and abusing children too, but Islamic violence and killings against children appear to be systematic, take the shooting of Malala Yousafzai, Mohammed Merah who murdered four Jews in cold blood, three of which were school children and the brutal murder of the Fogel family in Israel for example.

Original News Source

A well-known Saudi scholar is facing charges of torturing his five-year-old daughter to death with the help of his new wife by using sticks and hot metals.

The Saudi Arabic language daily Alyoum did not identify the scholar but said he often appears on a local satellite TV channel.

The paper said his daughter Lama died in hospital a few days ago after spending several weeks suffering from broken arms, skull fracture and head bruises.

It quoted the girl’s mother as saying her daughter had been systematically tortured by her father and his new wife before she was admitted to hospital in a serious case.

“I appeal for the authorities and human rights groups to support my quest to have my ex-husband and his wife executed for murdering her daughter,” the mother told the paper at her house in the capital Riyadh.

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2 Responses to Well Known Saudi Scholar Held for Torturing His 5-Year-Old Daughter to Death

  1. Douglas says:

    This is what islam is. I don’t need to read this story I know islam. I am not a stupid liberal who would invite their murderer into his own home. So many people around the world don’t understand this religion. The news is partly to blame. But I see the horrific events unfolding in the world by the muslims so I red the koran. To my horror I find out it’s worse than I thought. I also know my history very well. If the non-muslims of the world let islam continue to grow it will destroy us all. I would rather live in North Korea than Saudi Arabia.

  2. Brian says:

    Couldnt agree more with you Douglas. Unfortunately people just seem to turn a blind eye to it all including our governments. When people finally do wake up it will be too late for all of us.
    A great book to read is “The coming- A true story of terror” by John Daniels.

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