Italy: Muslim Man Punishes His Wife for Not Wearing Veil by Killing Her Two Children

Another tragic case of misogynistic Muslim violence, in which a Muslim man murdered his 2 children, in order to punish his wife who had stopped wearing the Muslim veil.

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Please excuse the grammatical mistakes in the article, the article was translated from Italian and unfortunately, Google translate is not always accurate.

Original Italian News Source

It seems that he no longer supported the new habits of his wife, including the fact that she had decided to no longer wear the veil, as dictated by the Islamic tradition in their home country. This is the explanation given by the Corriere Della Sera.

Their home country of course is Morocco, whom originates Mustafa Hajjaji, 44 Years old and his wife, ten years his junior. But the drama took place in the city where they had immigrated, Umbertide in the Perouse province, Ombrie region. It is here that on Tuesday night, [Government officials] alerted by the wife, searched the bathroom of the house and found the two bodies of the couple’s children, Ahmed, 8 years old, and Jiahane, 12 years old.

Their father was lying near them and he was transported to the service of reanimation of the hospital of Citta Di Castello, and is now in a stable condition.

Just one month ago, the wife had made complaints regarding her husband for threats of being hit, suffering injuries and poor treatment. She had explained to the government officials of Citta Di Castello that her husband had brandished a knife against her. In the past the man had notably threatened on the motive that she had stopped wearing the veil.

Before attempting to commit suicide, the Moroccan had traced blood on the walls, inscriptions in Arabic that are barely readable. He also left a paper note. The investigators attempt to decipher the messages in hope of finding explanations to the double murder. According to the Corriere della Sera, Mustafà Hajjaji wanted to punish his wife because she stopped wearing the veil and that she wanted to leave her husband.

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12 Responses to Italy: Muslim Man Punishes His Wife for Not Wearing Veil by Killing Her Two Children

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  2. Execute the dog…..he doesn’t deserve to live another day.

  3. Rundy says:

    I don’t want to be a member of this species anymore.

  4. bt says:

    Is Islam a peaceful religion like Muslims want us to believe? I do not think so…

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  6. TR says:

    Cut his testicles off (his boys) and feed them to the dogs!

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  8. H D says:

    Where are Human rights activist? Oh yes they are waiting with their cameras for Muslims to start some kind of sometimes staged acts of violence so they can catch some Israeli soldiers daring to protect themselves from rioting rock throwing little barbarians in training.

  9. ‘Human Rights Activists’…read as ‘Islamist-enablers’ and ‘Culture-traitors’.
    This loathesome and inglorious male needs to be put down, with a .44 mag Hollowpoint to the brainstem. Cheap, and effective. NO $ should be wasted on this Pedocidilistic slagwit.
    Mercy? Compassion? I have NONE for him or those like him.
    islam, the only (false) religion that can undo and over-ride the innate Paternal and Maternal child-protection instincts and drives.
    THAT is how bloody dangerous it truly is and why it needs to be eradicated from the world entirely.

  10. rui says:

    muslim women… they threaten you and brandishing knives in your face? only once… i would kill him that same night during his sleep… muzzy husband threat shouldn’t be taken lightly

  11. Beryl Neave says:

    Fundamentalists from any side are wild and dangerous. But killing your own child is an aberration, and he needs to be put away forever.

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