Video: Anti-Islam Campaigners Subjected to Anti-Semitic Abuse From Muslim Mob in Germany

A Muslim mob demonstrated their debating skills at an anti-Mosque demonstration in Munich, by reverting to anti-Semitic insults and threats of violence.

There are proposals to build a “Centre for Islam in Europe” in Munich. The project is being financed by Qatar and the imams involved in it have ties to the Milli Gorus movement, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and Bosnian terror groups. Virtually all local politicians are in favour of it, but the anti-Islam party Die Freiheit is a lone voice campaigning against it. Here, some of its activists collect signatures as part of the campaign.

Read our article on the planned Mega Mosque in London and the fears of another Sharia ghetto in Britain’s capital.

The police made no attempt to arrest any of the Muslim mob, even as one attempted to swing a pole into the anti-Islam campaigners, the police officer simply ushered him back.. like a coward.

A witness account from one of the anti-Islam campaigners who attended:

On that day, I had a lot more experience of the variety. Among other things, the bald guy in the video said that we were not human beings. Another emphasized that we should be afraid of them. And one of them came to me and said in a hypocritical sense: “I’m worried that a Muslim does something to you”

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