Video: A New Mega Mosque Planned For London, Fears of Another Sharia Ghetto in The Capital

A planned 10,000-capacity ‘mega mosque’ in East London is under consideration by city authorities as locals mount a campaign to halt construction amid fears it will become a hotbed of Islamic extremism. The gigantic mosque, four times the size of St. Paul’s Cathedral, will sport towering minarets soaring 40 feet and dominating the skyline, an Islamic library, sports facilities and eight apartments.

City authorities in Britain are all to keen on spending millions upon millsion to ensure Muslims have more than enough places to worship and preach hatred, with brand new and larger Mosques springing up in many cities and towns in the UK.

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5 Responses to Video: A New Mega Mosque Planned For London, Fears of Another Sharia Ghetto in The Capital

  1. Why you guys allow these parasites to exist in your country and practice their shyt religion is beyond me. But then i can’t say much cause we do it here too.

    • If the will of the people was worth anything in this modern age, Michael, I imagine the situation we are in now would not exist.

      Unfortunately, it is the governments actions which are allowing this to happen and the people are now powerless to stop it.

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  3. In Europe the most irritating problem is the treaty of Straatsbourgh 1975. If that damned treaty newer was created in the first place, it would be much easier to get rid of these islamic-religion-nutcases…

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