Muhammed Islam Returns in Another Comical Attempt to Convert Me to Islam

Recently I wrote an article entitled ‘A laughable Muslim attempt to convert me to Islam‘ in which a Muslim man, called Muhammed Islam, sent a message to my Facebook account and attempted to convert me to Islam by offering me a free wife who would act as a work horse in my day to day life and explained how Western, non-Muslim men are hen pecked cowards.

Muhammed Islam blocked me when I showed the previous article to him, but he decided his Dawah was not complete, as he unblocked me to try another attempt at converting me to Islam, this time even more comical.

He began by writing a poorly written rant about “Sending soldiers and shooting Muslims straight to hell” which did not make much sense.

When that failed he decided to step it up a notch, by offering for me to come to the Mosque and pray to Allah (again) and trying to sweeten the deal by offering an illustrated picture of one the 72 Virgins I will supposedly receive in ‘Paradise’ or ‘Jannah’

A close up of the image from Jannah, of the Muslim enjoying his virgin..

I then reminded Muhammed that the picture of his supposedly perfect virgin, was a little out of shape and looked like she had gained a few pounds and if that is what Muslims blow themselves up for, Muhammed really conned them.

So, Muhammed Islam, I will say again, no deal.

The Body of Truth

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Anti-Islamization, Pro-Caucasus Blogger. Georgian Patriot. Counter-Jihadist. Anti-Islam. Anti-Russia. Idealist.
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2 Responses to Muhammed Islam Returns in Another Comical Attempt to Convert Me to Islam

  1. Donovan says:

    Nice one Georgia! 😉

  2. Jean Sha says:

    idk i dont think his virgin is chunky…

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