Australia: Muslims Attack Police For Trying to Save a Baby From an Unattended Car

The policeman blamed for starting the trouble in Punchbowl with what looks like a taser in his hand.I have recently posted articles on the disastrous effect Islamic immigration is having on Australia, from full scale riots and extreme male on female violence to Islamic hate preachers. you can read all stories filed under Australia, here.

Today, Muslims sparked a small riot in Sydney because a police officer tried to save a baby in an unattended car, in the Australia heat.

Because, according to the Muslim behavior  anti-Islamic comments are far more important than the safety of a baby..

The child’s mother claims police officers spoke to her cousin and brother, with one officer making “Anti-Islamic comments” (Boo Hoo) she also stated: There needs [to be] respect, this behavior harms relations between police and the community that we are trying to build.”

She classes anti-Islamic comments as harmful to community relations, but multiple cases of Muslim rioting isn’t?

As with all Western countries that have allowed mass Muslim immigration, I pity Australia.

Original News Source

A baby left in a car while his mother ran into a south-west Sydney shop led to claims of “a riot”, with one officer pulling a Taser and numerous shoppers surrounded by police cars and affected by capsicum spray.

Scores of Campsie and Bankstown police were called to Punchbowl’s The Boulevard where they arrested two 20-year-old men after police clashed with shoppers on Friday afternoon.

The mother of the baby, who wants to remain anonymous, told Fairfax Media she has apologised to police for briefly leaving her sleeping one-year-old unsupervised in her car with windows wound down.

The violence was sparked by her cousin and brother clashing with police over the “10-minute indiscretion”, she said.

“The first two officers were fine; it was another officer who was yelling at my brother and got into a big argument,” she said.

“The police officer pushed him to the ground and made an arrest.”

Acting Campsie Commander Paul Albury said there was no riot and police acted professionally when coming under attack and abuse from 50 people.

“The behaviour of the main individual towards police was disgusting and inflammatory,” he said.

“An investigation is under way to identify and arrest a man who allegedly punched a male officer in the face,” he said.

Community advocate for south-west Sydney, Rebecca Kay, has taken statements from eight people who saw the “riot” that was witnessed by up to 100 people.

Those who were sprayed will make an official complaint, she said.

Ms Kay said about 10 squad cars arrived on the scene and further escalated the trouble.

“One officer pulled out his Taser,” she said. “The street was closed off, there were many people sprayed with capsicum spray, mums, kids, men and women, innocent bystanders. Police sprayed everyone,” she said.

“The police were saying inappropriate things, racist and anti-Islamic comments. There needs [to be] respect, this behavior harms relations between police and the community that we are trying to build.”

Ms Kay said a community meeting is being held in Punchbowl on Wednesday.

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6 Responses to Australia: Muslims Attack Police For Trying to Save a Baby From an Unattended Car

  1. malc says:

    Islam again..stupid idiots..

  2. Donald says:

    Kick them out; there is no way to co-exist with them.

  3. Gerry Taaffe says:

    This Ms Kay who ever she is needs to get her priorities in order,she is all about how the islamics were offended and crap.
    But not one mention of the poor baby left in a car with the windows up, why is’nt the mother being charged with child abuse/ child abandament, sure as hell if if was an Australian Mother who did that she would be in handcuffs and dragged throught the courts.
    And the Islamics reckon we are racist……..get real!

  4. Colonel Mustard says:

    Respect they ought to try that, seems it is only meant to cut one way.

  5. shane says:

    Deport before it’s too late! Wake up, western world!

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