Lyon, France: Muslims Pray on Football Field Illegally

Recently, we have posted videos and articles on illegal, mass Muslim prayers in Russia, you can read about them here and here.

Now, in Lyon, France, Muslims have been spotted praying on a sports field belonging to a local football team. The Muslims who took part in the prayer have no permission to do this as the field is intended for sporting pursuits only, but part of the islamization agenda is to dominate public space.

When queried by a reporter, one of the Muslims replied:

“I think that when Allah has converted all the world, there won’t be all these problems.”

I guess when the towering minarets and the blaring Adhan (Call to prayer) is not enough to show the Islamic domination of Western countries, Muslims decide to take it to the streets and football fields, to show the Infidel their growing dominance.

H/T: Islam Versus Europe

The Body of Truth

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1 Response to Lyon, France: Muslims Pray on Football Field Illegally

  1. PROUD ENGLISH says:

    could have been a good practice session……for a local gun club!!!

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