Video: Thousands of Muslims Swarm The Streets of Moscow, Forcing a Shutdown of Traffic

H/T: Islam Versus Europe

We recently posted a frightening video and article on an illegal mass Muslim street prayer in the heart of Moscow in which over half a Million Muslims took part.

Today brings similar footage from Russia’s capital, as thousands of Muslims swarm the streets in celebration of Eid.

Demographics have proved that the Russian army will be a Muslim majority army by 2020 and more than half of Russia’s population will be Muslim by mid 21st century.

Still, why would the Russian’s care? Their Fascist style P*tin government are far too busy causing bloodshed on a global scale, making the lives of innocent people in the Caucasus a living hell or bullying female music groups to care about the rapid Islamization of their capital.

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6 Responses to Video: Thousands of Muslims Swarm The Streets of Moscow, Forcing a Shutdown of Traffic

  1. malc says:

    Good job Starlin is dead…or they would be..

  2. Silentstan says:

    Hope the Russians have the balls the west lack

  3. Historically, Moslem countries, especially the Ottoman Empire and the Mongol Khanates, have been enemies of the Russians. Now they are having their revenge.

  4. Ramon Campos says:

    I, being a vessel – CHILD – OF THE KING ELOHIM THROUGH AND IN HIS HOLY RESURRECTED “WORD” – CHRIST JESUS – BAPTIZED WITH HIS “TRUTH” – THE HOLY SPIRIT, am appalled at seeing people of all nationalities and creeds – primarily Jewish and Christian – die at the hands of Islamic Jihadists; and I am especially appalled at the fact that it has been reported that the Muslim elected President of these here United States of America had a hand at the deaths of 2 American Navy Seals, 1 American Ambassador, and 3 American citizens in Libya via a conspiracy between him and his Muslim brother Morsi.

    The thing which saddens me is that, as a result of Barack “Hussein” Obama’s vow in his statement, “America is not, and ever will be, at war with Islam.”, there is a possibility he would voluntarily “s-u-r-r-e-n-d-e-r” America over to any Islamic Country that would declare war on this Country.

    Because it is eminent THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH is just around the corner, as Daniel’s Prophesy – described as the abomination of desolation BY CHRIST JESUS – is about to come to pass, I PRAY that more souls will REPENT AND BE SAVED in preparing for the day in which CHRIST JESUS COMES TO TAKE HIS CHURCH AWAY.


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  6. SWD says:

    open fire on them and take em all out

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