Brussels: Lingerie Advert Illegally Covered Up, Muslims Suspected

H/T: Islam Versus Europe

A lingerie advert in Brussels has been illegally censored and covered up, many Twitter followers have suggested that this action is incumbent Puritanism unique to the Muslim community.

Muslims suspected? I personally have no doubt about it. Muhammedans are well known to be weak-willed and lack the will-power to control their sexual urges. The bosom in the advert is guaranteed to send them into an uncontrollable sexual frenzy. Why else do they force their women into wearing shrouds?

A few months ago in the UK, Two Muslim teenagers were convicted of spraying traditional Muslim Burkas on a billboard displaying scantily clad, female models in a Lynx advertisement, the Daily Mail covered the case.

The two Muslim teenagers admitted drawing burkas on advertisements of scantily-clad women because they offended their religious views, they used black paint to draw the traditional  headdress over a model in a poster for Lynx deodorant.

The vandals said it was a ‘sin’ for the woman to remain uncovered and they were ‘just trying to do good’.

Source 7sur7

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1 Response to Brussels: Lingerie Advert Illegally Covered Up, Muslims Suspected

  1. stephen mcgill says:

    Its about time we started kicking these muslims back to the middle east where they belong.

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