Video: French Far-Right Group Storms The Site of a New French mosque

In a bold show of force, around 60 members of a French far-right group called Generation Identity occupied the site of a future mosque in the town of Poitiers, western France, at around 6am on Saturday, to protest against the rapidly growing influence of Islam in France.

Generation Identity Website.

They climbed onto the Mosque roof and displayed a banner marked with “732 generation identity” in reference to the year 732, when Charles Martel halted the advance of the invading Muslim army to the north of Poitiers.

The group were labelled “extreme right-wing” .. what a disgusting phrase to use, when they are simply concerned citizens who are sick and tired of Muslims slowly destroying their country. Do these occupiers carry a copy of mien kampf in their hands and wave swastikas, like many extreme Muslim groups do? I highly doubt it!

You can also view the documentary, Brave Israeli Reporter Infiltrates and Exposes European Muslim Community, on our site.

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1 Response to Video: French Far-Right Group Storms The Site of a New French mosque

  1. jane bennington says:

    I totally agree with the protesters. Our beautiful towns and citys getting swallowed up by mosques. They are cowards instead of staying in there islamic countries and taking care of the women and children. They contribute nothing in the realm of proggression.

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