Muslim Man Cuts Off Australian Girlfriend’s Tongue

Recent Muslim Riots in Sydney

I recently posted a story of how a British Muslim involved in a relationship with a non-Muslim girl, threatened to slit her throat unless she embraced Islam, you can read about it here.

Today it is a Muslim man in Australia who cut off the tongue of his non-Muslim girlfriend, as well as smashing an empty bottle over her head several times.

We all know Muslims see Muslim females as lower than dogs, so how do they rank non-Muslim females if this is how they treat them?

Original News Source

A man has been sentenced to eight-and-a-half years’ jail for severing a woman’s tongue.

Mohammed Tasleem Tahir was in a relationship with Catherine Skinner in Adelaide, and when she moved to the Gold Coast, he followed her.

The Southport District Court heard in November 2010, the then 21-year-old attacked Ms Skinner in her apartment.

The Crown prosecutor told the court Tahir smashed an empty bottle over the 20-year-old’s head several times, fracturing her eye socket.

Tahir then dragged a knife across her face, cutting her mouth and severing her tongue, the court heard.

Judge Katherine McGinness sentenced Tahir to eight-and-a-half years’ jail.

She ordered he be eligible for parole after serving a third of his sentence.

A woman in the public gallery gasped when the judge explained that, due to time already served, Tahir could be released in September next year.

The Body of Truth

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20 Responses to Muslim Man Cuts Off Australian Girlfriend’s Tongue

  1. Ronald Lawrence says:

    The judge is a damn fool.

  2. Frank B says:

    I can’t call that justice. 8 Years?! You are going the way of England. First they took your guns now they took your justice…

    • The Attacker, Mohammed Tasleem Tahir, is clearly a dangerous, violent psychopath, in an ideal world, when the eight year sentence is up, he should not be allowed to be released from prison until it is certain he does not pose a danger to Australian society.

      But, we all know that will not happen in Australia, as seen in England, due to prison over crowding and political correctness, many Muslim criminals only serve a small portion of their given sentence before they are released, the same situation is becoming commonplace in Australia.

    • You are so right about England. I think the authorities are afraid of muslims………..

      • Ivan Tipp says:

        The SHITHEADED Governments are ALL scared of these SCUM!! They’ll call on us when it’s gone too far.

  3. jack savage says:

    if they wana behave like animals then treat them as such but that sick freak down 1 bullet 1 kill or hang him in the square for all 2 see they have gotn away with it for to long

  4. Paul says:

    Hey good people better acquire a firearm.

  5. Hrothgar says:

    The USA might be falling apart faster than UK or Australia but I think that guy would get the book thrown at him here.

  6. Ivan Tipp says:

    The MUZZMUTT SCUM in Australia only has to do less than 12 months before he’s released on parole. The CUNT Judge had no business hearing his case. He should have been sent to The supreme Court. In the District Court a Judge can only impose a 10 yr sentence. BUT this is Australia the MULTI CULTURAL EXPERIMENT country. MUZZRATS are allowed to do ANYTHING here because they’re “CULTURALLY DIFFERENT” If an Aussie had done this crime he would’ve gotten 15 years NO PAROLE. ALL up this CUNT has done just less than 3 years for this heinous crime. It’s past TIME, we the CHRISTIANS of the world, rose up and completed the job the Crusaders started in th 14th century!! Write to the DPP Queensland and lodge your protest over this MANIFESTLY LENIENT SENTENCE handed down to this fucking scrubtick MUZZMUTT SCUM!!

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  8. Disappointed says:

    The woman in the Public Gallery that gasped was her mother, spare a thought for the family.

  9. jane bennington says:

    This happened in surfers paradise. My daughter lived in the appartnent directly below. The young girl had moved to escape his violence. My daughter said the screams were horrifying. She called the police. A group of guys kicked the door down to find her face slashed from ear to her mouth also. It was a blood bath. My daughter was haunted by the poor girls screams. He should have got 20 years.

    • jane bennington says:

      the guys were moari who broke the door down. The police had to hold them back they wanted to kill him. Like any normal protective man would feel after witnessing what this psyco had done to a beautiful young girl.

      • It is a horrific incident and thank you for your account, Jane, I only wish the Maori guys managed to dish out some real justice on the attacker, it is unfortunate that the police restrained them.

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  11. muslims are vermin says:

    SHITSLAM has been a BOIL on the ASS of humanity ever since it was FABRICATED BY A DRUNKEN CHILD MOLESTING DUNENIGGER 1400 years ago.

    It’s time to make things RIGHT and FINISH THE CRUSADE…purge the planet of MUZZIES once and for all!

  12. shehzor ali mansoori says:

    That motherfucker should be tortured to death

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  14. Disappointed says:

    Here is something for you all to contemplate. The Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie, is seeking advise on the sentencing of this matter. If we are all serious with our opinions then we should inbox his office, show that this does not reflect our community’s expectation of what is appropriate. The pen (or in this case email) is mightier than the sword.

    Something to think about.

  15. Karin Berryman says:

    When did this happen? I live in Australia, and haven’t heard of this gross attack. Wouldn’t be surprised tho’, because our media have become aligned to the cause of anyone who hates Western civilisation!

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