British Far Left, Israel Hater Ken Livingstone Returns to Iranian State TV

The far Left, Islamic Appeasing, Israel hater known as Ken Livingstone has decided to return to be a mouthpiece for the Iranian regime as he resumes his role at Press TV, An Islamic propaganda machine that would make Josef Goebbels jealous.

The Jewish Defence League UK wrote an excellent article exposing Ken Livingstone.

According to one of Press TV’s official Twitter channels, Ken Livingstone will resume his presenting role at the Iranian regime’s English-language TV station.

He presented a book review show on Press TV until 2011, when he was ordered to stop by the Labour Party leadership, despite him not wanting to. Now, he is stepping up a gear and hosting one of the channel’s flagship programmes, Comment, in the absence of its usual star presenter, the slimeball traitor and pawn of Islam, George Galloway.

Press TV has been banned from the UK by the broadcasting regulator, Ofcom, after it failed to pay up a £100,000 fine for last year broadcasting an interview filmed under duress with an imprisoned journalist. But it is still available to watch online.

This doesn’t seem to have bothered Ken Livingstone a great deal. In his previous hate filled rants he made on Press TV he made repeated attacks on Western “alarmism” about Iran’s nuclear programme, the “demonisation” of the Iranian revolution, and constant attacks on “Zionists” and “Zionism.” Like Ken, of course, Press TV has firm and hate filled, Nazi style views about “rich Jews.”

He continued to defend the propaganda channel even in his recent election campaign, in which, thankfully, he failed miserably, losing to Boris Johnson.

Although Ken is no longer a candidate for public office, he remains a member of Labour’s National Executive Committee. Whatever can the party think about one of its official representatives (or rather his tax-avoiding service company) taking payments from a regime on which Britain currently imposes sanctions?

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1 Response to British Far Left, Israel Hater Ken Livingstone Returns to Iranian State TV

  1. Tom says:

    lol he calls himself a Feminist. yet he defends the likes of the iranian regime and groups like Hamas who treat women like farm animals

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