Video: Muslims in Tokyo Mark The Beginning of The Islamization of Japan

We recently posted a video of a Muslim refugee threatening to kill Japanese Immigration officers, you can see it here.

We have now been sent a video of an Islamic protest against the anti-Islam movie, the innocence of Muslims, in the heart of Japan’s capital, Tokyo.

Although similar protests have been witnessed all over the world, Japan has never displayed a Muslim problem as they generally displayed common sense when it came to allowing mass immigration to flood their country, but this protest changes that, perhaps Japan has become more relaxed regarding Muslim immigration in recent years and is now beginning to see the seeds of Islamization grow.

The Muslims taking part in the protest called for the torture and death of the director of the movie and the same for those who dare to show it.

One bearded Muslim being interviewed attacked “Christians and Yahood (Jews)” for insulting Islam and stated: “We did not break anything or blow anything (up)” .. although they did fire RPG’s at the US embassy in Benghazi, murdered and raped the US ambassador and killed hundreds of others in the aftermath, somehow the Muslim forgot to mention this.

The protest ended as the Muslims carried out an illegal mass street prayer and a show of force.

The Body of Truth

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5 Responses to Video: Muslims in Tokyo Mark The Beginning of The Islamization of Japan

  1. i hope they will try to fuck with the japan, the muslims will get fucked!!

  2. porkchops66 says:

    There could be a little bit of confusion here for the muslims. They may get confused between ninjas and their women dressed in ninja letter box suits. OINK! 🙂

  3. David says:

    This world wide muslime insurrection must be put down.

  4. The Muslims are the only species not getting along with the world…And Muslims have no logic and understanding in their brains….even killing a woman medical Dr. giving polio vaccines free to the children. It is time to get these people off this planet?

  5. Graham says:

    Unless the Japanese sort this out it’ll become another Indonesia. Such a disappointment because I expected more from the Japanese.
    “Why always the Christians and Jews, they always making movies? Making cartoons? Making puppets against muslims?”
    Why always the muslims who kill innocent people, rape women and blow up other faith’s holy sites? Why always the muslims who do suicide bombings? Why always the muslims who have crying fits when the truth is pointed out to them about their death cult? Why? Why? Why? Goes to show what happens when people follow the beliefs of a psychotic, mass murdering, rapist pedophile. This here and everything else muslims do is another fine example of the “innocence of muslims”.

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