Video: New York Muslim Day 2012: Imam Leads Crowd in Mass Nazi Salute

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Thanks to The United West for covering the event.

Recently we have exposed British Muslims support for Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust as well as the strong links Muslims had to the Nazi regime during the second world war and the mass genocide involved.

Today we bring yet another sickening revelation of Muslim support for the Fascist ideology of Nazism, as an Imam leads the crowd of a New York “Muslim Day” to perform Nazi Salutes to Islam.

Nobody attempts to stop the Imam, as he leads the crowd in performing the rigid, outstretched arm salute, instead, an official looking Muslim speaker is heard thanking the Imam for his speech before stating “The message is loud and clear”

Almost half a million Americans sacrificed their lives to protect their country from Fascism and the ideology of Nazism, now, it is being celebrated by Muslims on the streets of the largest city in the USA, what happened?

Here is a longer video from the United West covering other events on the day, including a young English Muslim female, who poorly performed a hate filled rap she had written up against Americans, Zionists and the undying list of other things Muslims hate, but I do not have all week to list them all.

As this rap was being performed, state senator, Tony Avella, who had marched with the Muslims earlier in the day, saw the true anti-American face of the Muslims taking part and walked off stage in disgust and left the event, when questioned he stated “I was offended”

How Soon has America forgotten 9/11?

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5 Responses to Video: New York Muslim Day 2012: Imam Leads Crowd in Mass Nazi Salute

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  2. So why aren’t the libtard left giving the grief??? NFSE.

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  5. I truly loathe and despise islam and muzzies.
    Open letter to any muzzies reading this;
    If you intend on bringing about an islamic state here in the Western nations, specifically the Americas then you have condemned yourselves to extinction by your own hands and works.
    There will be NO shariah law in the Americas.
    There will be NO caliphate in the Americas.
    If you are unwilling to accept the ways of Civilized and free culture here in the Americas, then you can leave, or we will make you leave.
    When people go to muslim nations, they are expected to abide by muslim ways and culture.

    That same rule applies here in the West. The days of Leftism and PolCorr are drawing to a close and the legal-jihad tactics you’ve used in the past are losing effectiveness.
    Because you have corrupted our courts and system, we now ignore them, and will deal with you the only way you understand.
    And as we;ve been learning from you, very ably, and we have vaster numbers…the results are a foregine conclusion.
    Assimilate or leave, those are your choices.

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