Paris: Kosher Butcher Attacked for Taking Photographs of Veiled Muslim Woman

Another revelation of Muslim anti-Semitism which is rife in France, as a Kosher butcher in Paris is attacked by a Muslim mob for taking pictures of a veiled Muslim woman, who was originally suspiciously taking pictures of the Kosher butchers to begin with.

Original News Source

A Kosher butcher in the Avenue Corentin-Cariou was wounded in his shop yesterday after being attacked by seven individuals. The incident took place around 4:30 pm. A veiled woman appeared in front of the shop and started to take photographs of it for no obvious reason.

The butcher came out to meet her and, in response, in his turn, took photographs of the woman. Two men who were passing by then attacked the shop-owner, reproaching him for taking photographs of the veiled woman. The two passers-by finally left the scene before coming back a few minutes later with five friends armed with an air pistol to attack the butcher with. The butcher was slightly wounded in the altercation that followed.

Three persons were arrested and then interviewed freely before being released in the early evening, not having been recognised by the victim and the two witnesses present at the scene. The investigation is to be conducted by the local police station, continuing in an attempt to find the attackers.

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