Video: Greek Muslims Punctuate Violent Riot With a Mass Prayer Break

Rioting Muslims took to the streets of Athens on Sunday afternoon, in protest against the film that mocked Mohammed. Around 1,000 Muslims hurled bottles and other objects at police that were trying to prevent the rioters descending on the U.S. Embassy.

Greek riot police resorted to tear gas to control the protesters and protect the security zone they had established around the U.S. Embassy. Those present at the riot described the scene in central Athens as a “war zone.”

Greek police made 30 arrests as the Muslim rioters caused massive damage to parked cars, motorcycles and shops. The protests led Chrysi Avgi, of the extreme Right Wing Golden Dawn Party, to dub Athens the “New Kabul” as they deplored the illegal gathering of “fanatical Islamists.”

In the midst of their protests the Muslims took a prayer break, then returned to smashing store windows and vandalizing property.

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2 Responses to Video: Greek Muslims Punctuate Violent Riot With a Mass Prayer Break

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  2. FilthyKafir says:

    People really need to start driving down these roads, and not stopping for any obstacle obstruction or bump…

    Support Freedom; martyr a moslim!

    When everyone takes One or two a day that 1.5 billion starts shrinking real fast… Friday is always a group event @ 100:1…

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