Violent Leftist Thug Who Celebrated Muslim Violence on Female EDL Member Employed by Daily Mirror

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The Body of Truth brings a shocking update, that a National Newspaper in Britain, The Mirror, now employs a Left Wing thug who celebrates Muslim violence against defenceless women.

The male in the picture on the Left is a violent Left Wing Thug and wannabe (unfunny) comedian named Anthony Richardson, he was made infamous among Counter Jihadists at an EDL demo held in the highly Muslim populated, Tower Hamlets area of East London, last year.

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After the Tower Hamlets Demo, a coach carrying EDL members was leaving the city, but broke down near the East London Mosque and was attacked by a baying Muslim mob, who smashed the coach windows and threw street signs, bricks, bottles and traffic cones through the broken windows at the passengers inside and celebrated their violence on Youtube, here is the video:

As this chaos was happening, members of the mob on the other side of the coach opened the emergency exit door and a female EDL member was pulled out of the emergency exit and brutally attacked and beaten to the ground by the Muslim mob.

Anthony Richardson and his Leftist friend, who were supporting the UAF on the day, then decided to turn on a camera amongst the Muslim mob to show the aftermath and an update on what happened, Anthony found it simply hilarious that somebody came along and punched the defenceless woman in the face, here is the video:

Anthony Richardson claims to be an ”Anti Fascist” yet he is someone who de-humanizes people, in order to justify violence against them, so in summary, he himself is a Fascist.

I was then disgusted to find that a National Newspaper in the UK, The Daily Mirror, employs Anthony Richardson as a columnist on their on-line new site.

Anthony Richardson runs a segment on the Sport section of the Mirror online called “The Idiots Guide To..” Idiot being quite fitting regarding the author.

So why does a National Media company like the Daily Mirror employ a Left Wing thug who celebrates Muslim violence against defenceless women, like Anthony Richardson?

The Daily Mirror support the organization, Hope Not Hate, who summarize as a violent, far Left organization. HnH claim to be fighting Fascism, while enforcing their views with Fascist techniques, as they post the pictures of those they do not agree with in the hope that they will be violently attacked by Antifa hooligans, as well as joining forces with Pro-Palestine groups, who peddle an anti-Semitic agenda, hatred for Israel and express support for Hamas and Hizbullah.

Many Counter Jihadists are expressing their anger at the author in the comments section of one of Richardson’s articles, feel free to have your say on the article, here, or contact the Mirror in regard to their employment of Anthony Richardson.

To contact the daily Mirror via email:

To phone the Daily Mirror Call: 020 7293 3000

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6 Responses to Violent Leftist Thug Who Celebrated Muslim Violence on Female EDL Member Employed by Daily Mirror

  1. christiandefenceleauge says:

    Reblogged this on Christian Defence League (CDL).

  2. DAN says:

    well done for smelling this vermin female hating monster out……goes to show how much media is fuelled by the wrong people and stories peddled with fabricated hatred….people have a right for freedom of speech and people like this anthony richardson choose to get engaged with violence rather than allow a person view…..jail him before ho encourages more people or females to be attacked by the religon of peace..

  3. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    What else would you expect from the scum at the mirror ?

  4. violenceagainstwhites says:

    Reblogged this on Violence Against Whites.

  5. violenceagainstwhites says:

    If anyone wants to drop Anthony Richardson a line and tell him what you think about innocent women being assaulted because of their political opinions, you can do it at or or

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